Know About Several Diamond Cut Types

The history of diamond cut can be refried back to the middle ages. The diamonds came into use as jewellery with the advent of Middle Ages only. Gradually these stones were considered to symbolise power, marriage, desire and elegance. The diamond cutters and jewellers learnt the art of cutting and carving diamonds into jewellery. These stones became assets of kings, monarchs and other wealthy people of the society. In the modern times, diamonds have become much affordable than earlier. The technique that was used to cut the diamonds has also improved significantly. As we all know, the cut of diamond is more about precision, proportional balance and symmetry, the stones have emerged into sheer brilliance.

Know About Several Diamond Cut Types

As per the increasing demands from customers all over the world, the artisans have devised several shapes of diamond cut types. Let us explore and learn about these shapes that have marvelled and enchanted people across the globe:

Princess cut

This cut refers to the square shaped diamond with a rounded top. Being termed as one of the most popular shapes, it was created in 1960s.

Cushion cut

This type of cut refers to the square or rectangular shaped cut diamonds. There sides are curved and boundary is made alike pillows that draws the name “cushion”. These diamond cut types are in existence since 1400s. Popularly known as candlelight diamonds, these cushion cut diamonds have 58 facets with ratios 1.00-1.05 for square shapes and 1.10 or more for rectangular shapes.

Asscher Cut

This shape was created in 1902 and has two versions- standard and royal- designed by the Asscher brothers. It has a unique shape and displays prismatic brilliance with a rectangular pavilion.

Radiant cut

Termed as one of the most beautiful diamond cut types, radiant cut was designed in 1977 by Henry Grossbard. This hybrid diamond revolutionised the diamond industry by producing a step cut stone.

Emerald cut

It is one of the oldest shapes of diamonds with origins dating back to 1500s. These stones have rectangular shapes with broad flat pane and truncated corners.

Round cut

Many people are familiar with this shape. They have 58 facets in between crown, girdle and pavilion.

Know About Several Diamond Cut Types

Oval cut

These are one of the most beautiful cut diamonds that display grace and erudition. These shapes have a history dating back to 1960s and have gained popularity since their inception in the market.

Marquise cut

Popularly known as “little boat”, it has long and sharply pointed ends along with curved shape that looks like a football.

Pear Cut

It is a perfect blend of marquise and the round cut stones. It appeared for the first time in 1400s. They enhance the appearance of the bearer and exude the class and elegance in their personality.

Half moon cut

As is the shape of half moon- crescent- it is half oval and half round shaped diamond with straight edge. This is mostly sold in pairs as people use it mainly as a side stone.

Triangle Cut

This shape is also known as trillion cut.  They appeared in 1400s for the first time while their design was inspired in 1962.

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