Whether you want to shed a few pounds to feel confident at the beach with your friends, or you’re growing out of your clothes during the lockdown, losing weight has become an unresolved dilemma.

There are enough weight-loss programs online that you can select from. Some are more exercise-oriented while others diet. But, seeing that you love food like me, here is how you can skip past diets for your weight loss.

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How Important Is Diet For Weight Loss

“Abs work at a gym but build in the kitchen.”

You’ve seen it written on your gym wall and your Facebook feed, so it must have some truth to it!

Your body needs to work muscles to burn the stored fat in your body on a serious note. It happens as you pee, breathe, and sweat.

Laying it out for the layman, to work your muscles, your body needs fuels. And that fuel comes from the food you eat. The more quality food there is on your diet, the more quality results you can expect.

What a diet does is that it limits your energy source to a specific few items so that maximum fat is burnt. You do this by consuming protein, fish oils, and carbs. These make sure your body stores protein instead of fat. And that is “if” you’re working out along with it.

But there are several other diets such as Atkins and Keto that don’t require you to work out.

This is because they exclude a compound from your diet so that your body starts using up stored fats for energy.

The fact that you can lose weight just by altering your diet a little proves how important diet is for weight loss.

How To Boost Your Weight Loss

Even though your diet should be an essential part of your weight loss, it shouldn’t be all. There are various ways in which you can speed up your fat-burn process. But, I am not promising “1 week” and “1 month” results here.

Anyone who’s seen inside a gym knows how to crash weight-loss, and weight-gain puts you at risk. Let’s get started with the list of suggestions that you can add to your weight loss program and speed up the results!


There is no way around exercise for fitness. If you want to shed a few pounds and remain that way, you’ve got to get moving, simple as that!

Exercise makes you use up more energy than you’re used to. This spikes your metabolic rate, which helps you digest faster. And faster digestion ensures the energy from food is released quickly and that no surplus amount is left.

You also get two-fold benefits over the sauna and steam bath routine for sweat. Yes, sweating does help burn the extra layer of fat. But you need to couple it up with physical activity. Whether it is swimming or working out, it will help you achieve your goals way faster.

However, the thing that I like most about exercise is how you can adjust the difficulty. If you’re getting used to a workout and it’s boring you out, you can always add a couple of extra plates or switch to a different exercise. And this keeps you moving forward.


It is something how many people still oppose using supplements like Multivitamins, Omega-3, Kratom powder from https://kratomkrush.com/best-kratom-powders/, and protein. Again, it is no doubt the best thing to consume all the nutrients directly from your diet. But realistically, it becomes a goal rather hard to achieve.

Research shows that you roughly need a gram of protein per your weight in pounds. It optimizes your weight loss while preventing muscle degeneration.

And especially for working-class people who rarely find time to dedicate to the kitchen, supplements are the best thing! A scoop of protein powder mixed with milk-shake in the morning will give you around 30g of protein. Which, if you consider the equivalent of a dozen eggs, is pretty insane!

On the contrary, supplements like red jongkong kratom from https://kratomkrush.com/shop/red-jongkong-kratom-powder/ or omega-3 oils do not give you an instant dose of energy but help you stay relaxed, focused, and stress-free. And it is imperative to remain stress-free during weight loss!

Planning Your Cheat Days Smartly

One of the biggest dilemmas about weight loss is whether to have a cheat day or not. Will the high-calorie meals from a day of the week alter your progress? Or will it make your body immune to the weight loss changes you make?

The reality is quite contrary to the thought. Recent studies show that having a cheat day improves your metabolism even more. It also says that you need to have five consecutive cheat days to force a slight shift in your body. Isn’t that just what you’ve wanted to hear?

What a cheat day does is that it keeps your body from getting used to the same sources for energy. Because if it does that, it will eventually start storing anything you eat as fats.

So, munch all you want at the Halloween party or the Christmas dinner at your granny’s, but once!