How To Use River Rock Tile in Bathroom Design: 19 Great Ideas

When was the last time you heard about using river rock tiles for the bathroom? Unfortunately, even today not so many people are aware of such amazing ideas for the unique bathroom design. Today we have gathered 19 ideas that you will love. River rock can make your bathroom look nice, sleek, elegant and like real spa. River rock accents work well in smaller bathrooms, or in spaces where you don’t want a comprehensive rustic look. A rectangular tiled area of river rock can resemble a rug in front of the bath or vanity, especially if most of the floor is finished in wood or plain white, gray or tan tiles. River rock on bathroom walls can appear dramatic or subtle, depending on how you use it. Tile one whole wall, leaving the other walls plain, and you’ll have an impressive cottage look with a price tag that is more affordable than tiling the whole room. If you decide to use river rock for your walls be aware that this material is quite hard, so hanging decorative items will be challenging afterward. Take a look at the pictures below for more inspiration!

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