No-one wants parasites living in their body. Quite frankly, it’s gross and not something we like to think about. However, there are ways to get rid of parasites, so there’s no need to keep suffering!

You may decide to try a parasite cleanse, but often people aren’t sure what they entail. If you’re wondering what a parasite cleanse is, and how to know if parasite cleanse is working, keep reading below to find out!

How to Tell If Your Parasite Cleanse Is Really Working - parasite, health, cleanse

What’s a Parasite Cleanse?

First up, just what is a parasite cleanse? It doesn’t sound like the most pleasant thing in the world but honestly isn’t that bad!

It’s just a supplement or a similar product that gets rid of parasites from your body, with no need for prescription medication.

In short, parasites are organisms that live in a host species (humans, in this case) and benefit from us at our expense, so it’s important to get them out and look after your own health!

How to Know If Parasite Cleanse Is Working

Maybe you’re a little dubious. Can a natural parasite cleanse really work? If you’re not sure, chart your progress — here’s roughly what you can expect at each stage.

Before 2 Weeks

Earlier in the process, you’re likely to see parasites, yeast, or candida in your stool. Yes, it’s not nice, but we’d rather it not still be in our body!

As digestion improves, with less bloating and gas, your stomach is likely to appear flatter, while your mood may also improve, and you might feel less fatigued too.

2-4 Weeks

Now, you’re likely to see an improvement in chronic symptoms. If you have acne or rashes, or experience pain, these are all likely to improve around this point.

After 4 Weeks

Once you’ve been cleaning for about a month, those tricky symptoms that wouldn’t budge previously can start to improve.

If you have a fungal nail infection or issues with your hair, these can improve — hair and nails always grow slow, so when these start to heal, it’s a good sign that your cleanse is working!

What Are the Side-Effects?

As the natural parasite cleanse is in action, parasites like rope worm will release certain toxins that will be processed through your body. These can cause a number of side-effects, and they can range from mild to severe.

Side effects include flu-like symptoms, headaches, and fatigue. Mental effects include anxiety and mood swings, while you may also get rashes, food cravings, or sleep-related trouble.

It’s important to differentiate between signs that the herbal parasite cleanse is working and parasite die-off signs. Although these effects are fairly common, die-off signs can also indicate that either you’re reacting negatively to parasite herbs, or it’s too much for you.

Is It Right for Me?

Often, people who aren’t infected with parasites can try these cleanses. However, in these cases, it’s unlikely to do very much at all. Before you find out how to know if parasite cleanse is working, you should weigh up whether or not you actually need to continue with a parasite cleanse — if you do, go ahead!

Of course, parasites are just one health problem you may encounter. If you’re looking for even more advice on looking after your health and dealing with any issues that pop up, you should check out some of our other posts.