You’re right! The sun’s up, flippers out! It’s summertime! Time to catch some sunshine on your skin. And, what’s summer without redecorating your bedroom? It’s time to feel the breeze and sprinkle some poppy colors into your bedroom. Whether it be nautical or tropical, here are some tips on how to style your bedroom for the summer season.

How To Style Your Bedroom For The Summer Season - summer, seasson, fan, curtains, bedroom

1.Bring in Brighter Colors

With the sun shining bright, to make those elements resemble inside your bedroom, you need to make your bedroom feel as bright as you can. You can easily do this with your bed, so you can start by redecorating your bed. One way to do this is to get new sheets that have brighter colors. This will instantly bring more life and that summer vibe into your bedroom.

You can also switch up your mattress to give you a better night’s sleep along with bright colored sheets. One of the places you can get your mattress is from

2.Swap to Lighter Curtains

The sunlight is what you should take advantage of when it’s summer. So, to make the most out of it, swap out your curtains for light cotton sheers. By doing this, you won’t only bring in more sunlight, but you will also make the breeze flow more freely in the room whenever you open the windows.

3.Bring Outside Indoors

Bringing in the outdoors inside during summer will spruce up your room with summer vibes. You can do this by bringing in more greens to make it more tropical and livelier. House plants, succulents, and flowers in vases will do just the trick. In addition to that, plants will also make your bedroom feel fresher. It’s always good to have some kind of nature near you.

Adding a pinch of natural things in your bedroom will also give you that breezy look. For instance, you can use materials such as rattan or bamboo for your furniture during summer. These natural hues will keep your bedroom looking airy and breezy.

4.Organize Your Things

Decluttering will also freshen up your home and make it feel more like summer. Get rid of all the dust and dirt around your room for this season. You’ll be surprised with the freeing feeling that you will get when you declutter and organize your things. As Marie Kondo always says – leave things that no longer bring you joy. While you relax and refresh this summer, let your bedroom do the same by letting it breath.

How To Style Your Bedroom For The Summer Season - summer, seasson, fan, curtains, bedroom

5.Find a Suitable Fan

Since it’s summer, it’s definitely going to be hot. So, you’ll need some fans in place. However, you don’t need to sacrifice your style to get some cool winds. Invest in a fan that will match your home’s style. You can also have a wooden ceiling fan installed to match your theme. Tabletop fans are also a good choice to modernize your bedroom during the summer season.

6.Put Some Wall Décor

To prep your bedroom for summer, decors include the art hangings in your bedroom. Keep your artworks light and in sync with the color tones of your bedsheets. Maybe a piece with the sea or garden will make your bedroom feel like it’s summertime. Your artworks need not be expensive. You can just buy some in the morning markets or thrift stores. Hang it on your walls and wait for it to do its magic in your bedroom.

7.Enhance The Fragrance

Styling your bedroom for summer doesn’t only include what you can see or feel. It also includes what you smell. Make your room smell like it’s summer by spraying your bedding with a cooling linen spray of your choice. This added touch is fundamental for your bedroom.

8.Pay Attention to Details

As the saying goes – the devil is in the details. The smallest details will make all the difference in your bedroom, so don’t forget about these little things. Adding an accent of summer on your bedside table will make it feel more like summer. An example of this can be some seashells or flowers by your bedside table. Taking out your winter rugs and leaving your floors bare will also make your bedroom look more like it’s summer.


Just like when it’s Christmas, you decorate your home with a Christmas tree. There’s no reason not to do the same when the summer arrives. Give your bedroom a seasonal makeover and feel the season inside your home. Just follow the tips above, and you’ll have summertime inside your bedroom in no time.