Do you lack the necessary time to achieve your objectives with the brilliance they deserve?

24 hours in a day are just too few, right? Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a couple more hours to be able to smoothly stay on top of things?

If this has crossed your mind before, then now is the right time to think about how you handle your personal performance. There’s always room for improvement.

How To Manage Everything: 5 Tips For Leaders To Improve Personal Performance - time, production, performance, organize, operations, manage, Lifestyle, leaders, calendar

How to manage everything?

Having modern technology around, our life pace is rapidly accelerating. Social networks, smartphones, the Internet – all these things give us access to much more information.

It’s great on the one hand for sure, but your personal performance success as a leader depends on how quickly and skillfully you are able to process all that information.

That means making sure there aren’t too many distractions forcing you to lose valuable minutes and hours. It takes a minute to write a message in messenger, five more minutes are spent to make a phone call.

They all add up, so how do you focus on the important matters?

We advise you to organize your personal and company activities efficiently. That means making enough time for the necessities and disregarding the inessential details that interfere with your work and life.

1. Organize your calendar

Any business matter will take much more time if you forget about it and miss the magic moment.

Violations to agreements, arriving late for a meeting or missing important events – all these loose ends reduce your activity efficiency.

To manage everything on time, you should plan your days in advance. Use some calendar or diary to remind you of important matters or meetings in due time. Google calendars could become your best friend here.

2. Plan your production

If you are engaged in a small manufacturing business then we recommend using job shop software. This solution provides you with full control over all processes: starting from the production stage and ending with finished products sales.

This way, you will significantly save on time trawling through spreadsheets and can spend your time on the things that really matter.

3. Automate same-type operations

Keeping up with monthly loan, phone and Internet bill payments take up time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere, adversely affecting your personal performance.

Get rid of repetitive operations by setting up automatic payments for bills and services. This will free yourself from the necessity to take care of timely money transfers.

4. Ignore phone calls

We aren’t talking about all phone calls here of course. Rather those that are not important during your working hours and could wait till afterwards.

You could start with chatting with your friends using messengers instead and letting them know that you will reply at convenient moments.

Take this a step further and to reduce communication with your loved ones in the workplace. Personal phone calls will take time, energy and unbalance your activities.

Sounds harsh, but on the bright side you’re going to be much more fresh and ready to spend quality time with them in the evening instead.

5. Discard things you are not interested in

Most of us often spend time on things we don’t even really want to be doing. Think about the number of times people complain about visiting an uninteresting exhibition, watching a boring movie, or meeting unpleasant people.

Learn to say “No” and stop wasting your time. Leave the events which seem useless to you. Reduce communication with people who do not share your interests and life philosophy.

Cherish your time and apply these personal performance tips to keep your personal and business life growing in a positive direction.