If you are thinking about getting tape in extensions or already have them in, but want to make sure that you can wear them for as long as possible while still looking amazing, then keep reading. In this guide we will discuss all the things you need to do and consider while wearing tape in hair extensions to have those turning heads everywhere you go and only for the right reasons. While the lifetime of hair extensions can vary from person to person and is dependent on several factors, there are ways to ensure that you get the most out of your style and can wear it for as long as possible.

How to Make Your Tape-in Hair Extensions Last Longer? - woman, hair extension, Hair

Tape-in extensions are the best method for increasing the volume and length of hair for women with fine and thinning hair or just those who love clip ins but want to make the style a little bit more permanent. This method works by attaching several short wefts of hair using a sticky adhesive patch and sandwiching them in between slices of your natural hair. The result is a seamless blend that is undetectable to the human eye and lies very flat so you can wear your hair in a ponytail without any tell-tale lumps or bumps.

Typically tape-in extensions extensions are targeted towards women with hair loss issues as they put the least amount of stress on the hair and can give your hair a full volume boost, however anybody is a suitable candidate and often choose this method over the strand by strand options. The reasons why many love tape extensions is because they are quick and easy to install often taking under 30 minutes and they can last for at least 6 weeks at a time in fact many women wear theirs for up to 3 months with a few maintenance sessions in between.

While it is the method of choice for women with lower density hair, it is also suitable for every other hair types. It is perfect for women who do not want to use heat or chemicals during the extension process. Usually, many find that it is an easier transition, especially for new extension wearers and they often forget that they have them in as they do not require much care, compared to other types of extensions.

Some people may try and install tape extensions themselves as they are very similar to clip ins but we suggest that you visit a stylist because comparatively tape extensions are more expensive so you want to make sure that you get your money‘s worth and make them last as long as possible. A good install is the key to making your style have longevity and not looking bad before its time. So it doesn’t make sense to buy good quality hair, only to scrimp and save on the installation process.

We always talk about where to buy your extensions and obviously we are a little biased however even if you don’t make a purchase from us, always buy from a hair extension seller that you can trust. The Internet and even some local stores are full of Highway bandits that are ready to take your money in exchange for low quality products so you need to be vigilant and do as much research as possible before parting with your cash.

Always buy human hair for tape-in extensions as synthetic hair will be harder to manage and style in the long run. The country of origin is also very important, at Canada Hair we only sell Indian Remy hair, as we find this is the best value for money. You can get European hair which is much more expensive and usually available in less colors and textures.

Some places will sell a mix of human and synthetic hair but it will tangle and get damaged if you apply any type of heat to it.

Always look for reviews and not just on their website but search google, facebook and twitter to see what people are really saying about them. You want to avoid brand new companies with no reviews or feedback, but instead choose sellers that are well established and have lots of feedback. It is good to have celebrity or influencer endorsements but what actually matters is what the rest of their customers think. So if you find a video recommending the hair, look in the comments to see what others users are saying and there you will usually find the truth, good or bad.

When you have selected the perfect hair that matches your shade and colour, your next task is trying to choose a stylist who can install the hair for you. Sometimes you may have a friend or family member who can volunteer and may say they know how to do it however unless they are a hairstylist and you have seen their previous work, kindly decline the offer and book an appointment with a professional.

You need to find a stylist that has lots of experience installing tape extensions as it’s not just about putting them in, you need to have the right placement and they will make sure that each weft is secure so that you will not leave with a hair extension fail. Depending on who you go to, the installation service can be quite expensive however it’s really quick and you don’t need to have many maintenance sessions in between. Every few weeks you will need to go to get the glue redone so that the hair extensions don’t slip and fall. If your hair get greasy quickly, unfortunately tape extensions will not last as long for you unless you wash your hair much more frequently.

The added bonus of visiting the stylist is that you can also have the haircut and styled so that it looks as natural as possible. A custom cut will mean you can wear it for a longer time as all you have to do is make sure that you keep it looking good in between your appointments

Daily care is what will make or break your hair extensions, if you treat them well, it will look amazing however if you neglect them people will be able to tell instantly. Even though hair extensions are more common, you don’t want everyone to know you are wearing them just by looking at you because they look bad.

As a glue is used to attach the extensions to your hair, is really important that you keep your hair clean and free from greases, oils and heavy products as this will cause slippage and make the extensions only last a few weeks at the most. You can wash your hair at home without any issues using the regular products that you would normally use on your hair. Always make sure to keep any heavy oils away from your roots and don’t use any gels or things that get very tacky. If you buy human hair tape extensions you will be able to straighten them at your pleasure but if you use too much heat without any heat protectant, you risk damaging the hair and causing split and brittle ends.

Tape extensions are suitable for most types of lifestyles as they don’t require you to do much to look after them so even if you’re active and go to the gym regularly, swim or do any kind of physical activities you don’t have to worry about your hair just make sure to wash it a few times a week so that it doesn’t get a buildup of dirt or grease.

After trying tape extensions most women will stick with them for life and will rarely change methods just due to the ease of them. If you have any questions about how to make your hair extensions last longer or how to look after them you can learn more about these in this complete tape-in hair extensions 101.