There is no bed like your bed at home. But this does not mean that any other bed isn’t worth falling into. If you’re used to staying in hotels, you will probably be familiar with hotel beds. And you’ll know that hotel beds are some of the most comfortable beds out there. In fact, they’re fluffy to the point of being ridiculous. Falling in a hotel bed after a long day of traveling can be a heavenly feeling.

So, how do hotels manage to keep their beds so fluffy? What do they do that makes their beds feel like chunks of heaven? You’d be surprised to know that there’s no rocket science involved. In fact, you can setup your bed to be just as comfortable as well. All it takes is a bit of effort and owning the right bedding materials. You need to have the right pillows, the right blankets, and the right kind of sheets. You can find luxury bedding sets at Pontihome that are ideal for people who want to make their beds as comfortable as possible.

Today, we’re going to go through the entire process of making your bed. We’ll be looking at what can be done to make our beds at home as amazing as the ones found in hotels. If you’re going for the complete hotel look and feel, then you’re in the right place. Let’s get started.

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How to Make Your Bed Hotel Style

Use White Bedding

Pretty much all high-end hotels follow certain bedding standards. One of these standards is to use white bedding. Hotels use white bed sheets and pillow covers. This makes their beds look more inviting and relaxing. Having white sheets does mean that even the smallest spots of dirt will be easily visible. However, a pristine, white bed can be a sight to behold.  To add a bit of color to your bed, you can always place blankets that are of darker color. This results in a nice contrast that makes your bed look quite aesthetic.

Use The Right Kinds of Sheets

Anyone who’s familiar with hotel beds would know that they’re really breathable. These beds keep you cool throughout the night. Their great breathability is one of their key characteristics that make them so comfy. Hotel beds are comfortable because they use specific kinds of bed sheets. Most high end hotels stick with Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

Egyptian cotton is known for its cool and breathable nature.

Hotels even go as far as picking sheets with specific thread counts. The ideal thread count sweet spot is 300. A sheet with this thread count will feel incredibly airy no matter how long you lie on it. You do not necessarily have to be so picky with your sheets. Just remember to stay away from microfiber bed sheets.

Do Not Use Fitted Sheets

Hotel beds never use fitted sheets. This may seem odd since most of us are so used to Fitted linens. However, this is one of those things that hotels do differently in order to make their beds feel and look different. Instead of using fitted sheets, hotels use two loose sheets to cover their mattresses. The bottom sheet is usually larger than the top one. This sheet is tucked under the mattress. The second sheet goes on top of this sheet and is tucked in from three sides. Its top half is left un-tucked and is usually folded over.

To get the complete hotel look, you should place the top sheet with its bottom side facing upwards. This produces a nice look when you fold its top end over.

Maximize Comfort With Plush Duvets

Duvets are comfortable by default. Enveloping yourself in a duvet can be a great feeling. In order to maximize your beds comfort levels, you should consider adding a duvet to the mix. A duvet with a fluffy or plush cover is what you’re looking for. These duvets look just as comfortable as they feel. Fill them up with down and you’ve got the perfect recipe for heavenly bedding.

For an aesthetic touch, use duvets that hang from your bed sides. And if you’re going with white bed sheets, use duvets that are darker.

Perfect Your Pillow Combo

Hotels beds are usually loaded with pillows. This isn’t done just for the sake of looks. Hotels like to give you different pillow options. You’ll find a few different types of pillows on your bed. Hotels combine soft pillows with down, plushier pillows with microfiber filling, and firm ones for proper support. This combination gives you comfort and support at the same time.  You can go with a setup like this as well. This will make your bed extra luxurious and will also increase its aesthetics.

The Cherry on Top

There is no such thing as too much comfort. This is why we recommend that you go all the way. Get a feather mattress! Feather mattresses are the ultimate definition of fluffiness. You can go for a complete feather mattress. Or if you do not want to change your mattress, you can invest in a feather mattress pad. This can go on top of your mattress to make it fluffier.  We would recommend that you stick with a feather mattress pad. This way, you can enjoy the back support that a decent mattress offers along with the added comfort of a feather mattress.


Hotel beds feel incredibly plush and comfy. There is no rocket science involved in how they become so comfortable. You just need to know what kind of bedding you need to use. With a bit of effort and revision to your linens, your bed can become just as comfortable. You can even get the exact same look as a hotel bed.

After revamping your bedding, you can enjoy falling into the most comfortable bed possible, every day. All of this effort will also make your bedroom look amazing.