Trees are fantastic. They can provide you with fruit and other produce or simply stand tall and proud, swaying gently with the wind. In general, a tree will grow with you as you live in a house, becoming part of your life. You may even have an emotional attachment to the tree thanks to its colorful fall display or your children playing for hours within its branches.

Whatever the reason the thought of having to get a firm specializing in tree removal Sydney to bring it down is usually not something you want to do.

However, if the tree is dangerous this is exactly what you should do. In fact, tree removal services aren’t desperate to chop down your tree; they are the perfect people to get in for advice; regarding whether there is any way to save your tree.

How to Keep Your Beautiful, Old Trees - water, trees, tree hanging, soil, roots, old tree, care, bark

Before you start this process, it is important to know how to take care of older trees, helping them to live as long as

Check The Bark

The bark of a tree is like your skin, it protects the inside of the tree from insects and other creatures that will burrow into it and gradually kill it. Any break in the bark is an opportunity for these creatures to damage the tree.

Unfortunately, most of this type of damage is actually caused to the bottom of the tree by strimmers, lawnmowers, and other power garden tools.

Surround the base of your tree with mulch; then you won’t need to get close enough to harm it.

Watch The Roots

Compacted soil makes it hard for a tree to get the water it needs to stay alive. You can help not to compact the soil by keeping traffic away from the tree base. Don’t walk, run, or drive garden machinery over the root area of the tree unless you really need to.

Tree Hanging

Hanging a rope swing from the tree is great fun for your children. But, as the tree gets old this is likely to damage its bark. This will leave the tree vulnerable to creatures and the rope can damage the flesh inside the tree; eventually leading to the limb breaking off and potentially the tree becoming infected.

You may be interested to know that you’ll do less harm to a tree drilling a hole in it and securing your hammock to it than you will if you tie the hammock rope around the tree.

Water It

Usually, a tree can source its own water. However, as the tree gets older it will struggle to do this, especially in a really dry spell. When it’s been dry for several days then water the tree. But, you need to water it slowly to ensure it has time to absorb the water properly.

Don’t forget, if you’re not sure how well your tree is then you should contact your local professionals, they will be able to advise on the best way of saving it; they really don’t want to chop it down unless they have to.