Now that the warmer weather has arrived, and it looks likely to stay for a while, it’s a great time to get outside and start really enjoying the garden. For many people during the summer months, the garden is a true extension of their home. It can act like another wonderful room so it can be a good idea to inject some of your own style to your patio in order to really help tie the two together.

How to Introduce Style to Your Patio - textiles, planting, patio, lighting, ideas, design

Whether you have a large patio, or a tiny one, there are plenty of ways in which you can introduce style to your patio. This will help create a space that you will really enjoy using.


The right furniture for your garden will really make the space incredibly useable. Therefore, it is important to consider exactly what you need. If al fresco meals are top of your list, then a table and chairs will be the best way to go. If however you just want to be able to relax in your garden with a good book and a drink close to hand then a more relaxing form of seating, perhaps an outdoor sofa set would be more appropriate for your needs. The Lazy Susan garden furniture range, for example, offers a superb range of different table and seating configuration. You could opt for bistro sets for those smaller more intimate garden settings or even tables that can seat up to 10 people for more family orientated gardens.

Use containers

Containers offer a great way to define your patio area properly and help to break up the often-stark line that occurs when patio meets lawn. Think about using different heights of pots and also shapes as well and group them to help soften the space that you have. If you have a larger patio, you can also use them to help separate the space out by creating a divider that will give you two very different areas.  The colour that you use is also important. Wooden planters make a great choice for a more natural look, but if you want something a little more colourful opt for larger ceramic planters that will add

Consider your planting

Once you have chosen your containers you will need to consider the plants that you put in them as well. Flowering plants may look pretty but flower heads can die quite quickly and need lots of work to keep them looking at their best. Different types of foliage however will give you great results for much longer.

If you do want to add a more floral touch then think about bold vibrant colours. They are a really great way to really add a touch of style to your patio.

Add textiles

Fabric is a great way of adding style to your garden. Padded cushions, or scatter cushions for your chairs, a nice rug used as a throw over a bench or a beautiful parasol which can be functional as well as beautiful. Parasols come in a range of different sizes. Therefore, you can make sure you get something that will adequately shade your seating selection. You should also consider a good quality base as well to ensure that it doesn’t topple over.


No stylish look is truly complete without the right lighting. To truly enjoy the warm barmy evenings in your garden to the fullest possible extent you will want to introduce some lighting, bistro lighting hung overhead can really set the mood for a sophisticated evening eating area, or lantern style lighting on your table and on pole is also a great way to go.

A stylish patio area is certainly achievable. Why not follow the tips above to create a space you can really enjoy this summer?