There are many perks to having a dog as a pet: you have someone to keep you company, to protect you from intruders or to help you stick to a routine during the day. However, there are a few drawbacks to having a pet and one is that their hair can get all over your home, car, clothes and more. Luckily, though, if you have a dog that sheds, there are some simple ways you can get rid of pet hair in your home. Find out some of the best and easiest below.

How to Get Rid of Pet Hair - pet hair, dog, cleaning

Wipe Up Hair on the Furniture

If you have hair on small upholstered pieces of furniture and accessories, like throw pillows or stools, consider using a lint brush to roll up the hair. For furniture pieces that are too large for a lint brunch (couches, chairs, etc.), try spraying the pieces with a mixture of water and fabric softener. Then, use a rubber glove to wipe off the surface. The rubber glove should attract and pick up hair easily. If you have wooden furniture, try an anti-cling dusting spray with a soft cloth. The hair should cling to the cloth, which you can rinse off and re-use again. Try wiping the furniture at least once or twice a week to keep the hair from piling up.

Vacuum or Mop Hair off the Floors

If you have carpeting in your house, you can use a vacuum to remove pet hair. Try vacuuming each area twice in order to ensure the optimal hair removal. You can also look into vacuums that are made specifically for cleaning up pet hair. Another great trick for getting pet hair out of carpets is using a pumice stone. Simply run the pumice stone over the carpet and pick up hair that is pulled out of it.

If you have hardwood floors in your house, try using a cling-dry mop, like a Swiffer. Vacuums tend to not collect hair well from hardwood floors, so avoid using them on areas that are not carpeted.

Brush Your Pet Regularly

For dogs that shed, it can help to reduce the amount of hair they leave throughout the house by brushing them regularly. Take your pet and a pet hair brush outside and brush the excess hair out once a week. If you can’t brush your bet outside, place a towel or garbage bag under your dog while you brush him to collect the excess hair. Brushing regularly is also a good way to check if your dog has fleas or ticks (which you can prevent with regular Nexgard treatments).

Clean the Washing Machine

To ensure you can effectively wash dog hair off of your clothes, it helps to clean your washing machine after each load. That way, dog hair from a previous washing doesn’t get onto the next load you wash. After each load of laundry you do, run a plain rinse cycle to remove dog hair. Also, don’t forget to clean the dryer’s lint trap out before every drying cycle you do.

Having a pet can seriously improve your life for good–and you don’t have to let things like their hair detract from your experience of owning one. By taking a few simple, regular steps to clean up and prevent pet hair messes, you can ensure that both you and your pet enjoy living together in your home.

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