Who doesn’t love a chiselled look, and what could be better than a round sunglass to bring out the best in us! Look from the ’90s has made a massive comeback and now busy in conquering the fashion world. Round sunglasses accentuates our facial structure while softening the overall look, allowing people to wear them to stand out from the crowd. Now, choosing the right round sunglass for one’s face sometimes is quite difficult. Whether to go big or to go small is THE question! Here are 5 things to consider if you are looking for the best glasses for round face.

How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Round Face Shape - Sunglasses, style, size, shape, round, fashioon, face


The most important factor in choosing the right eyewear is knowing the shape of the face. Because just because something looks fabulous on someone else doesn’t necessarily mean it will bring the same result in your face shape as well. So do your research before grabbing the trendy glasses people are raving about in your social media. Every form of our faces is a combination of three factors: The face width, length and facial features. The key is to wear glasses to accentuate the face’s best features, which will help balance out the features. You have to keep in mind that round sunglasses will highlight the round features of the face. On the other end of the spectrum, round sunglasses will soften people’s look with square jawlines and sharp features.  So whereas you can easily opt-out for different styles if the round glasses do not suit the face shape, never say never. If you are keen on that round sunglasses, but you have a round face feature, the best option would be to choose slimmer frames with angular edges. This will create the illusion of dimension and shaping the face instead of blending in the feather. Similarly, but in the opposite direction, bold round glasses will look fabulous on faces with more angled features such as a strong jaw.


It is known that you are meant to look good any sunglasses that are the right size. Right-sized sunglasses brings symmetry, which is considered attractive among people. If you have a long face, try to find round glasses with long frames to balance out the features. Round sunglasses are the most flattering frame shape as they fit in the right spots of the face. To find the perfect round sunglasses, you’ll want to pay attention to the sizing on the inside of the arm and lens height. This will be the indicator of just how big the glasses are going to be. Keep in mind that the glasses should not dominate the frames’ face are wider than the face, it is likely that the glasses are too big for you. If the glasses are not in a position that is comfortable for the ears, the sunglasses are probably too small for you. Find frames that are not too small or too big, which are just right. As it really depends on your face, feel free to try on as many pairs of round sunglasses before buying a new pair.


Round sunglasses are famous for their eccentricity and bringing out the versatile style in people. From formal to the classic white t-shirt and jeans look, the circular lenses work with everything. Round glasses are considered as the staple of the wardrobe of the world-famous fashionistas. You can pair your round lenses with elegant formals, embellished jewelry and ravishing footwear. On the other hand, you can go in the opposite direction and put a different vibe to it by paring the round glasses with laid back chic looks. In all styles, round sunglasses will elevate your look to a new level of cool. Remember that as round sunglasses are universally flattering, don’t be afraid to try out different styles.


Don’t forget the actual purpose of the glasses, protection from UV rays. Try to find sunglasses to better UV protection to protect your eyes from dust, pollution, and, most importantly, harmful UV rays and glare. Look for the sunglasses, which block 100 percent of all UV rays as its the UV protection rating matters. Note that big and oversized round glasses provide more protection from the rays from different angles than their smaller counterparts, making it a wise choice in scorching summer days. To keep those rusty wrinkles at bay, combine round sunglasses with sunblocks with high SPF and still look stylish in those retro round sunglasses.


You found your perfect round sunglasses, but they slide down your nose way too often! Tragic! Nose pads are your saviour in this case. The pads will be there to make adjustments so that the glasses sit higher or lower on that nose of yours and who doesn’t know that silicon nose pads offer a bit of extra traction. Moreover, choose frames that are comfortable as comfort is the key. An oversized round sunglass frame, which is too big for the face, may start to make you feel too heavy and uncomfortable as the days wear on. Don’t forget to do the smile test, It works every time. If your smile makes the glasses noticeably move from the bridge of the nose, feel free to move on to the next pair. Your face should be comfortable with the position of the round glasses.

It’s never easy to find the perfect round sunglass for your face; in that case, put on the glasses and try out a bunch of different pairs until you find the ONE! Feel free to test out other round glasses to get a better sense of what suits your face and jump into the bandwagon of retro vibes.