If you find yourself having annoying issues with your door like it taking too long to open or close or it keeps getting stuck, it’s enough to convince you that you need a new garage door. Buying garage doors is not something that people do regularly when they own home so it’s hard to determine which garage door is best for you and your home.

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Maintenance Requirements

Even after you get a new garage door, you can’t just get it installed and ignore it. Garage doors do require a little upkeep. For instance, if you get a wooden garage door you would have to keep it refinished to keep it looking refreshing and new. If you get a steel door you would have to wax it periodically to keep it from rusting. You also have to consider the hardware that comes with these doors that need to be constantly checked on. If you don’t know what kind of maintenance each kind of garage door requires, companies that do garage door repair in Bowie, MD can provide a maintenance service for you.


The most important factor to consider when choosing a new garage door is the budget. If buyers are looking for an inexpensive garage door they may have to consider not having certain amenities like insulation or a two-car garage. Although they still provide good quality they usually come with basic aesthetics. If budget is not an issue then it opens up an array of options that you have to be more creative with your garage’s curb appeal, security, and more.


Living in Maryland, the winters can get incredibly harsh so insulation is an important feature that you would need to consider when buying a new garage door. Although it’s great for comfort, it can be stressful to your budget because the garage is one of the largest entryways in the house, making it the room to hold the least heat. This could be an issue for your energy bill if you have a tight budget.


The fun thing about choosing a new garage door is getting creative with the curb appeal that your new garage door will bring. There are several styles that you can choose from like carriage-house, traditional, and contemporary. You can choose whether you want to add windows or maintain safety and have a door without windows. If you do choose windows you can have them customized to whatever style you choose. There’s also the type of door to consider. Buyers can choose from several types of wood, aluminum, or metal designs. Your door type should be chosen by the type of weather in your area. Since Maryland has long winters, steel or aluminum doors would be a practical decision. Your garage door is the majority of the face of your home so while it can be fun to be creative also make sure that your garage look compliments the rest of the curb appeal of your home.