Hip and Trendy Baby Shower Ideas

The U.S. is a little behind the times on modernizing the traditional baby shower, In Zimbabwe, for example, they throw a party to honor both parents, according to BabyCenter. Today, even in the United States, the ritualistic baby shower is no longer limited to ladies with glasses of punch in their hands. Look at some of the trendiest ways we are welcoming babies into the world.

A Party for Diaper Dad

Today’s modern dad plays a bigger role in the birth of a new baby. Parenting reports that a 2012 survey of new dads showed more than half take paternal leave from work. Why shouldn’t an expectant father get a celebration of his own, complete with baby shower favors and a masculine theme? Hold a man shower at the local club, bowling alley or sports bar, as Seattle Times suggests. Gifts can include a new cooler full of diapers, a book on parenting, or a “I love my daddy” t-shirt. It’s a guys’ night out with a twist. Oh, and no girls allowed.

Hip and Trendy Baby Shower Ideas

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The Green Shower

With living the green life on everyone’s mind these days, is it any wonder that baby showers are eco-friendly, too? It starts with the invitation, or lack of one. Companies such as Evite offer premade email invitations that save on paper. However, the real trick of a green baby shower is to give mom lots of environmentally-friendly options. WebMD suggests green parents might try hybrid diapers instead of disposable or cloth. A hybrid diaper uses a biodegradable liner the flushes down the toilet, saving space in landfills. A food processor with an organic baby food recipe book is another gift any eco-friendly mom would love. Make sure to keep the decor green as well by ditching the paper plates and streamers and opting for classy chinaware and herb pots as table centerpieces.

Hip and Trendy Baby Shower Ideas

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A Mother Blessing Shower

A mother blessing shower, or a “blessingway”, is perfect for the mom that has everything. Typically, for the family expecting a second or third child, a mother blessing party is more about celebrating a new life than the gift giving. The host can set up a blessing tree in the middle of the room. As each person enters the party, they pick up a tag and write a blessing for the baby before hanging it on the tree. Parents magazine offers a video tutorial on how make a tree just for the occasion. These unique baby showers are focused solely on supporting the mother and helping her prepare for childbirth and motherhood.

Hip and Trendy Baby Shower Ideas

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Sprinkle Party

Things change from baby to baby. That’s the point of the “sprinkle party”, which is a smaller version of a full-on shower. This gives a mom welcoming her second or third baby a chance to stock up on staple items like diapers and get the newest baby accessories. A sprinkle party is an option for the family that needs money more than gifts. A family friend can have a dinner or brunch to celebrate the new life, and then invite close friends and family to attend, asking them to give the family money instead of baby gifts.

Hip and Trendy Baby Shower Ideas

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