Make your Jeep your own by shopping for Jeep replacement tops to fit your lifestyle and driving habits. The kind of top you choose helps you enjoy your vehicle in a whole new way, so compare the pros and cons of hard and soft tops today. Shop for a replacement top online to refresh your ride. If your existing top is damaged or you’re looking for a way to alter the way you ride, compare these two basic types of tops today.

Hardtop vs. Soft Tops: Which Is Better for Your Jeep Wrangler? - wrangler, Soft Top, offroad, jeep, hardtop, car

Benefits of a Hardtop

Prepare to head into a storm, endure cold weather or pack up for a road trip with a Jeep Wrangler hardtop. A hardtop gives you the same all-around protection and insulation of a standard enclosed vehicle. Choose one of these rugged tops for winter driving or for extreme heat when you’re cranking the air conditioning.

Hardtops are also more durable. If you’re taking an off-road ride or headed to a jobsite, a hardtop gives you additional protection. Falling debris, hail, strong winds and other issues that would otherwise damage a soft top are no match for a rugged hardtop. Just like any other vehicle, a Jeep with a hardtop keeps you safe and doesn’t have to worry about a strong breeze or other adverse weather conditions.

Driving with a soft top at top speeds or through windy areas creates a noisy experience. A hardtop has more insulation to protect you from the noise and discomfort of a strong wind, heavy rain or snow storm. For drivers who aren’t interested in swapping their tops every season, a hardtop is the best year-round solution.

Hardtop vs. Soft Tops: Which Is Better for Your Jeep Wrangler? - wrangler, Soft Top, offroad, jeep, hardtop, car

Advantages of a Soft Top

Enjoy a cool, breezy ride with Jeep soft tops. These stylish options offer iconic Jeep experiences. Ride with the top down and blare your music on a cross-country road trip. When it starts to rain, simply pull over and unfold the top to stay warm and dry. Few experiences can match the thrill of riding in an open-top Jeep. Whether you pick up a foldable soft cover or a bikini top, cruising in a soft top Jeep is what summers are for.

Soft tops are far easier to store. When it’s time to take the top off of your hardtop Jeep, you’ll need to invite over a few friends and find plenty of space in your garage. Many soft tops roll up into a convenient bundle for hassle-free storage and easy installation or removal. Taking the top on and off can be accomplished on your own, which is far more difficult with a hardtop.

The Verdict

You may not find the perfect Jeep top for every situation, but you can find the perfect top for your next adventure. Shop for hardtops, soft tops and off road Jeep parts to prepare for an unforgettable ride. From an unmarked trail to an iconic highway, get more out of your Wrangler as you travel with your friends and family or ride solo. Create memories and blaze trails with a personalized Jeep Wrangler. Shop online for discounts on all types of tops made specifically for your Wrangler.