Buying gifts for your significant other is a nice way to express love or celebrate special occasions. However, deciding what to get is challenging when you’ve only been dating for a few weeks or months. You feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. Buying something simple could cause them to believe you don’t care. Yet, they may feel you’re moving too fast if you do too much. Not to mention, making grand gestures early in the relationship sets standards and expectations you’ll have to bend over backward to sustain.

So, what do you do? What is the perfect gift for your partner that makes them feel special without putting an unnecessary strain on the relationship (or your pockets)? You might consider buying one of these gift ideas listed below.

Great Gift Ideas For A New Relationship - relationship, presents, gifts

A Nice Meal

Treating your partner to dinner is a great present, whether it’s their birthday, a holiday, or another special occasion. It’s an opportunity for you two to get out, share a good meal, and indulge in conversation. You can select their favorite restaurant and ask to take them out to eat. You can add a sentimental touch by gifting them flowers, balloons, or a card.

Go Out

Of course, going out to eat isn’t your only option. You could take your significant other out on a date. Whether you go to the movies, a sports event, bowling, golfing, dancing, sightseeing, shopping, hiking, fishing, or wine tasting, it’s quality time doing something special with your partner.


If there is one thing a person can never have too much of, it’s perfume or cologne. Fragrances add to your appeal, boost confidence, and evoke positive emotions. Of course, you shouldn’t purchase fragrances without doing your research. Scent is personal, and you don’t want to buy something that doesn’t appeal to their tastes. Discover a variety of authentic on sale perfume choices that will complement their existing perfumes and colognes. Research the scent profile to see which fragrance families, subfamilies, and notes they prefer. Then you can use the information to buy a perfume or cologne they’ll love.

Gift Cards

You can purchase a gift card for just about any product or service you’d like. Consider the activities or brands your partner enjoys and get them a gift card so they can indulge for free. Whether it’s a $15 Starbucks gift card or a $50 Home Depot gift card, they’ll appreciate the gesture. It says that you’re paying attention to their interests, which can only help your relationship grow stronger.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are boxes with a collection of products mailed to customers on a one-time or monthly basis. The products are typically around the same theme and from one or multiple brands. For example, a beauty subscription box might include lashes, lip gloss, nail polish, makeup brushes, and sample palettes. You can find subscription boxes for everything from beauty and wellness to alcoholic beverages and video games. Simply select something you know your partner would like and pay the subscription fee.

Creative Presents

Show off your creativity and give your partner something from the heart. Whether you paint, sing, play an instrument, write poetry, draw, dance, knit, crochet, bake, cook, or create other masterpieces, you can turn them into the perfect gift. You could make a scarf, write and perform a song, bake a cake, prepare a dinner for two, or design a scrapbook with photos from your relationship. They’ll appreciate that you took the time to use your gifts to make their day special.

Deciding on a gift for someone you like but just started dating is never easy. You don’t want to do too little or too much and cause issues. You also want to give them something you know they’ll appreciate. The good thing is various options are available to consider. Whether you take them out to eat, plan a date night, buy them a new fragrance, get a gift card, purchase a subscription box, or do something creative, chances are they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into making the proper selection.