Fall is one of the best seasons for dating. With the cooler weather perfect for cuddling up but still nice enough to do outdoor dates, your phone will be full of Instagram-worthy selfies of you and your boo. Plus, with Halloween and Thanksgiving occurring during the season, you’ll find ample reason to do cute couple things–you know, matching Halloween costumes and a cute Thanksgiving photoshoot. Here are some dreamy fall date ideas that will have you and your honey ready to hit the town!

Pro tip: If you’ve got a friend who’s getting into photography and needs models or experience shooting, feel free to invite them along on your date to take pictures of you and your significant other. You’ll get professional photos to put in your personalized picture frame, and they’ll get an opportunity to expand their portfolio.

11 of the Dreamiest Fall Date Ideas - season, Pumpkins, photo shoot, ideas, glamping, Fall, date, Camping, apple picking

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  1. Fall Photo Shoot: Get together with a photographer friend (or hire a professional that you don’t know) and take some adorable couple’s photos in the fall field of your choice. Perfect for sending out Thanksgiving postcards or adding to a cozy couple’s personalized blanket, your fall photos will look great because they’ll show the world just how much you love each other.
  2. Apple Picking: Throw on a couple of matching flannels and head to your nearest apple orchard. Don’t forget to check the weather and call ahead to make sure they still have apples available for picking before heading over. Then, when you get home, bake a pie with the delicious apples you just picked!
  3. Paint Some Pumpkins: Instead of making a mess with pumpkin carving and dealing with a fast-rotting pumpkin, paint some decorative pumpkins instead! They will last throughout the season and you can paint them however you’d like. With so many different stencils and designs available to create your own pumpkin, no artistic experience is needed. Plus, it saves you from potentially hurting yourself–or your partner–with any of those sharp carving tools.
  4. Go Camping: Camping is a great opportunity for you and your honey to get some quality alone time together outside of your regular lives. Take a long weekend and head out to your nearest campsite–or take a week’s vacation and head somewhere out of state. Sit around the campfire telling funny stories about yourselves growing up, or go for a spooky vibe and tell classic ghost stories. Make sure to bring along all the essentials. If neither of you is much for pitching tents and sleeping in sleeping bags, consider renting a cabin or go glamping.

11 of the Dreamiest Fall Date Ideas - season, Pumpkins, photo shoot, ideas, glamping, Fall, date, Camping, apple picking

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  1. Get Lost in a Corn Maze: A cute fall activity that encourages the two of you to work together, a corn maze will really test your patience and your directional abilities. It’s a great exercise in trust, but it’s also really fun. You can also grab some great photos with the high stalks of corn providing a great backdrop.
  2. Sip on a Chai Latte: Chai lattes are made of steamed milk and chai tea concentrate–known to help with weight loss and decrease blood sugar levels. Grab your boo and head to your nearest coffee shop and bookstore, get a cup of steaming chai, sit on a comfy couch and enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes the best dates are the most low-key, and there’s nothing more chill than a coffee date.
  3. Watch a Scary Movie: The perfect excuse to cuddle, grab one of your favorite scary movies and curl up on the couch together for an evening of frights and fun. If neither of you is into horror films, then watching a classic Halloween film such as Hocus Pocus or a few episodes of the original Scooby-Doo TV show is a great alternative. Regardless, you’re still spending time together!
  4. Host Game Night: Some dates are best spent with other couples. Invite some of your closest couple-friends over for a night full of games and brews. Sit back and enjoy the light-hearted competitive nature between yourselves, and be sure to include a cute prize for the couple who wins the most games, like a gift card. The games don’t have to be difficult either. Whether it’s a simple game of Go Fish or racing to see who can put together their personalized puzzle the fastest, the best part of the night will be hanging out together.

11 of the Dreamiest Fall Date Ideas - season, Pumpkins, photo shoot, ideas, glamping, Fall, date, Camping, apple picking

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  1. Go to an Amusement Park: Amusement parks are great date ideas, even for those who don’t like going on roller coasters. Many amusement parks offer live music shows, have animal exhibits and other alternative activities that are perfect for a day-long date. If you don’t have an amusement park nearby, consider going to a carnival or other event, like a Fall Festival, that will have lots of activities for the two of you to enjoy. Don’t forget to challenge your boyfriend to win you that oversized teddy bear!
  2. Virtual Wine and Paint Night: Many wine and paint activities are going virtual these days, and that’s okay! Instead of trying to figure out who’s enjoying a couple of glasses of wine and who’s driving, the two of you can imbibe within the comfort of your own home. One of you can pick up supplies from the shop, and the other can grab your favorite wines. Since most stores offer pre-stenciled canvases with numbered palettes, neither of you has to worry about having a worse painting than the other.
  3. Have a Fall Picnic: Pack a basket full of your favorite foods and head to your local park for a fun picnic in the leaves. Try to include some fall items, too, such as hot apple cider or a steaming cup of soup to help warm the two of you up in the brisk weather. It’s a great alternative to going to dinner or lunch at a fancy restaurant, and you get to enjoy time to yourselves in a different atmosphere.

Enjoy this season with your significant other by doing all the quintessential fall activities! From apple picking to enjoying a scary movie for Halloween, the important thing is that you two take time to enjoy each other and your relationship.