Who doesn’t love a spring wedding? But, before you go shopping for the perfect dress for your friend’s wedding, there are a couple of issues that you need to stop and consider. For instance, will the wedding and reception be indoors or outdoors? Is it during the day or the evening? These two things alone deserve careful consideration when choosing your dress.

Day or Evening?

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Image via Flickr by Petra Mafalda

It’s important to know if the wedding is being held during the day or in the evening. Daytime weddings afford a little more flexibility in style. You can go a little more casual and it will be perfectly fine, but evening weddings are formal, and more formal attire is required.

Indoors or Out?

Think about the place they will hold the wedding and reception. If outside, the weather is very unpredictable in spring, so be ready for anything. Carry a micro-umbrella small enough to fit in your purse. No sense in getting that perfect dress wet! Take a shawl or wrap for your shoulders in case the weather turns chilly. You will also need to be mindful of your feet. Spike heels and mushy ground just do not mix! Be prepared and take a pair of flats to ensure your safety from the mire. Avoid long dresses that might drag in the mud.

Never Wear White

There are unwritten rules about being a guest at a wedding. The most significant of these is that you do not wear white in order to not compete with the bride’s gown. That includes the color choice of your dress.

Home on the Range

When considering wedding guest dresses for spring, think old-world, vintage romance. This classical and whimsical look is currently trending for spring. Prairie dresses have made a comeback, so pair the dainty floral pattern with a bold statement necklace that doesn’t overpower the look but works well with it. Shoes should be pretty little flats, espadrilles, or mules.

Think Goddess

Another excellent choice would be a dress reminiscent of a Greek goddess. Think flowing fabrics, classic lines, and romance. Goddess dresses scream romance, so they fit in any wedding theme. In accessories, here simple is better. The dress is often a statement in itself, providing the charm you will ever need. Strappy sandals are the footwear of choice. Just make sure you have those backup flats ready in case of rain or mud!

Spring Florals and Lace

You could also consider romantic florals and gorgeous lace for a look that’s all about understated glam. With a lace dress, you might consider some bold statement earrings for that pop of color and style to offset the busyness of the lace. Romantic florals look stunning with a drop pendant necklace.

So, whether the next wedding you’re attending is indoors or out, day or evening, you can always find a look that’s stylish and functional. Keep the weather in mind and be prepared with an umbrella and wrap or a coat that works with your dress, and you’ll be ready to enjoy everything about your friend’s special day.