There are some amazing ideas and ways to recycle and reuse wheelbarrows. Don’t let that wheelbarrow go to waste. There are lots of ways to repurpose it! Don’t throw them out, but instead try one of these ideas. Using something as simple as an old repurposed wheelbarrow could add so much character to your garden, patio area or yard!

Repurposed Wheelbarrow Chair

Repurposed Wheelbarrow Chair

Wheelbarrow Coffee Table

DIY Repurposed Wheelbarrow Coffee Table

Wheelbarrow Cooler

Quick And Easy Wheelbarrow Cooler

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Easy DIY Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Wheelbarrow Display

Gorgeous Seasonal Wheelbarrow Display

Wheelbarrow Firepit

Salvaged Wheelbarrow Firepit

Wheelbarrow Planter

Repurposed Wheelbarrow Planter

Strawberry Planter

DIY Rolling Strawberry Planter


Wheelbarrow Rain Catcher

Repurposed Wheelbarrow Rain Catcher

Wheelbarrow Rustic Garden Fountain

Repurposed Wheelbarrow Rustic Garden Fountain

Wheelbarrow Yard Art

DIY Repurposed Wheelbarrow Yard Art

Flower Wheelbarrow

Garden Flower Wheelbarrow

Flowerpot Succulent Container

Rusty Iron Wheelbarrow Flowerpot Succulent Container 

Wheelbarrow Planter

Wheelbarrow Planter