Would you believe that the average American’s carbon footprint is four times higher than the rest of the world?

If you care about saving money and the environment, then figuring out how to boost energy efficiency at home should be one of your top priorities. The incredible news is that small tweaks that won’t affect your lifestyle can make an impressive impact.

Are you wondering what you can do to maintain an energy-efficient home? Keep reading our guide that breaks down five simple tricks that help you go green.

5 Upgrades to Make a More Energy Efficient Home - home, green home, green energy

1. Buy Energy-Efficient Home Appliances

If you’re trying to brainstorm energy-efficient home improvements, then you can never go wrong with upgrading your old appliances. As our technology improves, we’re able to design machines that can do more while using less energy.

You will have to save up for big-ticket items like fridges, washers, dryers, and dishwashers, but you’ll see a nice slash in your electric bills each month.

2. Use Smart Technology

Take some time to imagine all of the electronics that are running all day when you’re not at home to enjoy them. These devices are known as energy vampires because they rack up your electric bill without you realizing it.

To combat this, you should plug in smart power strips and install a smart thermostat so you can control your electronics from your smartphone.

3. Revamp Your Cooking Techniques

Many people feel like cooking is therapeutic, but keeping your oven on for hours at a time can waste lots of energy and cause your air conditioner to work harder. Adopting a few mindful habits can save electricity.

For example, instead of cooking in your oven, try to use your microwave whenever possible. You can also use lids on your pots to expedite stovetop cooking.

4. Screw in LED Lightbulbs

You may be surprised by how many lightbulbs in people’s homes aren’t LED yet. Not only do traditional lightbulbs suck up more power, but you also have to change them more often.

Going around your home and screwing in LED lightbulbs will allow you to light up your home brighter while using less electricity.

5. Make the Switch to Solar Energy

The key to building an energy-efficient home is investing in solar installation to shrink your carbon footprint. This is the biggest home improvement, but it will give you the most impressive results.

Powering your home with the sun will cause your electric bills to vanish. After you pay off your solar panels within a few years, you’ll be generating free power for many years.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Home Energy Efficiency?

We can all benefit from maintaining an energy-efficient home because we can save the planet and our wallets. If you use any of these tricks, you’ll notice an amazing difference in your electric bills.

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