One of the most cost-effective and reliable method of improving your business is the use of promotional marketing products.  Research analysis has shown that 52% of people given a promotional product will do business with the company while another 48% of the attendees would do business with the company in the near future. Promotional products are also a great way to open a conversation with a potential customer. The audience may be more willing to listen to you after receiving a “free gift.” Survey companies have found an increase of 172% of visitors to booths at conventions that distribute promotional marketing products.

TV ads, magazine and newsprint ads and mailings only last for a short duration. They are also not much effective because people forget about them as soon as the ad is over. However, promotional products keep on giving. Promotional products are often used or passed on to someone who is in need of it. Your brand keeps changing hands without you having to expend any more money. Think of a pen: you use it, put it in your pocket, hand it to someone to sign a document, they keep it. During the life of the pen, it may have changed hands hundreds of time and been seen by hundreds of people. These new people will see and feel a positive attitude towards your company and generating new sales.swag-gift-ideas-competition-present-promotional-contest-souvenir-pakistan-02

Conventions, trade shows and meetings are not the only places to promote your business. Look at charity events, especially road races, in your area and supply them with t-shirts or water bottles. Your business will be seen as the participants run the course. They are also a memento of the event will be used later on. This will keep your business in the front of everyone’s mind. Promotional products are the only medium that engages all five senses.

Choosing the correct promotional product for your business can be somewhat tricky. You want a product that promotes your ideals for the company. If you think of the promotional products that you have received, which ones do you use the most often? Companies offer t-shirts, water bottles, pens, caps, hard drives and lanyards. Other products can also be engraved with your logo.

If you reside in Australia, the supplier used by most companies is the Uniform Store. They offer numerous promotional marketing products that will bring more exposure to your company. Their salespeople will work with you to select products that promote your company’s mission statement. They have a web-based company so that the turnaround is fast and reliable.

Promotional marketing products can not only be used to solicit new businesses, but can also be used to promote your company’s clubs and activities. Fundraising, team building activities and social events can also be used to promote your company and leave a lasting impression. The messages live on in the hearts and minds of the users because they are personal and unique. It is something that is tangible. Promotional products have been found to leave positive messages with your customers. For less than the cost of a print ad, you can give your customers a gift with your brand name that will become imprinted in their minds. Make your product unique, useable, informative and attractive. Your customers will remember you because they are using all of their senses and that leaves a longer, lasting memory.