Another few months of bumping, grinding, laying back, and enjoying the vibrations coming from a sound stage near you at your nearest music festival is just around the corner. And if you’re going to enjoy yourself with acquaintances and those you will soon call friends, you’d best dress to impress.

Of course, you are not going to want to put on just any old streetwear, but the latest from the catalogues in comfortable women’s flight pants and mens tees to really wow your buddies and maybe even earn a secret admirer or two. So, without further ado, here are a few suggestions for festival clothing in 2015 and beyond.

Kiss Chacey ‘Razor Denim Shorts Iceberg’

For a great look that will only set you back $89.95, men will want to check out this Kiss Chacey take on a classic denim shorts. It is casual enough that no one will ever mistake you for a corporate shill, yet a reliable as a style that has survived generations of modifications and alterations to arrive at what we have today: an appropriately skinny fit that cuts off just above the knees. This is a solid choice that won’t be going away anytime soon, so it could last you a lifetime.

Dream Monstar ‘The King Oversized Tee Dress Monochrome’festival-season-2

Did you get the memo, ladies? Big is back, baby! This playful take on a jumbo jersey for none other than the rock legend from Memphis himself – Elvis Pressley – features an oversized print of the number 77 on the back, replete with varsity stripes on the arms to sell the uniform look. The lightweight polyester and cotton back ensure that the fabric rests lightly and comfortably on the skin, all whilst showing off those curves in a flattering light. Nothing pays homage better to music than a tee with the king of rock and roll on it.

Nena & Pasadena ‘Destroyer Pants Taupe’festival-season-3

This Nena & Pasadena take on destroyer pants is a revelation from the brand, distinguishing itself with a somewhat aggressive name, for starters. The obvious standout is the thigh-high section of textured folds which layer to create a unique pattern on the upper leg. This bold design takes a cue from cumber batches, but adjusts it for normal pants for a surprising hit and novel approach to the most basic, everyday piece of wear. You’ll want to save these for night-time gigs so you do not find yourself dehydrated from excessive leg perspiration.

The People Vs. ‘Misfit Long Sleeve T-Shirt’festival-season-4

An alternative to oversized tees, this look also hails from a vintage past with its fluoro tie dye wash font. What sets this apart? The signature ‘The People Vs.’ hem rip with a crack print on the sleeve that reads ‘The Misfit Exploited Love Negative Positive Adolf Scent’ in creative font pays respects to a punk rock past. Weighing in at a measly 110g in cotton, you will be sure to rock out in comfort and style with these threads.

All of these latest trendy street wear items can be found at Neverland Store. They carry many other hot names in urban clothing, like Billionaire Boys Club, Caterpillar, The Fifth, Thrills and more.