Since 2007, Bien Savvy has established a worldwide reputation in the world of luxury bridal fashion. Bien Savvy is a success with brides-to-be looking for the wedding dress that will match their beautiful love story. The desire to offer the client the dress of her dreams is a constant in the refinement of our designs and services. Bien Savvy has created a unique, feminine and refined world. A world, where thanks to the pairing of the respect for traditional craft, with a modern, sophisticated cut, the woman is celebrated in all her aspects. It all comes down to modern sensibility, luxury fabrics, spectacular design and strong silhouettes.

BIEN SAVVY proposed from the beginning, luxurious and sophisticated designs for women with a deep understanding of what a modern and stylish lifestyle means nowadays. Bien Savvy is a synonym for exclusivity, luxury and sensuality, oftentimes featured by fashion magazines and present on the VIP list of the most exclusive events.

Bien Savvy is where the style and the glamour of a royal bride, meets the European sensibility and preciousness of French and Italian fabrics. Bien Savvy styles bring out the glamour and femininity in a woman, by reinterpreting basic figures, stylizing them with flair, coloring them in special hues and adorning them with precious elements, from the irresistible sparkle of Swarovski crystals to the soft touch of pearls.

BIEN SAVVY’s newest luxury evening collection Follow Me is devoted to the sophisticated woman, to HER: the woman with an irresistible natural sex-appeal, to HER: the woman who cultivates and celebrates romance with every bit of her soul, with every unspoken dream.

“Follow Me” is an invitation to materialize these unspoken dreams, an invitation to the woman who idealizes of revealing her authentic self, the romantic and fragile core of her being. Inspired by other- worldly stories in visionary dreams of self-discovery remained unspoken, untouched and immaterialized, this collection is an intrigue to passion and action.

The Follow Me collection by Bien Savvy features 40 styles, each the manifestation of an unspoken dream, one that becomes more real and powerful with the dawn. Innovative cuts harmonize with sweet and unforgettable colors to celebrate the unique sensuality of each woman in perfect contrast between sophistication and comfort. The eye-catching game of delicate laces, the perfect lines and vibrant colors are an expression of the human joy of day dreaming and following a dream into reality.

follow-her-cocktail-dress-bien-savvy (1) follow-her-cocktail-dress-bien-savvy (2) follow-his-eyes-evening-dress-bien-savvy (1)

follow-the-fragrance-evening-dress-bien-savvy (1) follow-the-happiness-evening-dress-bien-savvy (2) follow-the-moon-evening-dress-bien-savvy (1) follow-the-paradise-evening-dress-bien-savvy (2) follow-the-sea-evening-dress-bien-savvy follow-the-story-evening-dress-bien-savvy (2) follow-the-summer-evening-dress-bien-savvy (2) follow-what-you-deserve-evening-dress-bien-savvy follow-what-you-love-evening-dress-bien-savvy follow-your-beauty-evening-dress-bien-savvy (1) follow-your-confindence-evening-dress-bien-savvy follow-your-day-evening-dress-bien-savvy (2) follow-your-dream-evening-dress-bien-savvy (1) follow-your-dress-evening-dress-bien-savvy (1) follow-your-dress-evening-dress-bien-savvy (2) follow-your-heart-cocktail-dress-bien-savvy follow-your-instinct-evening-dress-bien-savvy follow-your-love-evening-dress-bien-savvy follow-your-mind-evening-dress-bien-savvy follow-your-soul-evening-dress-bien-savvy (1) follow-your-stars-evening-dres-bien-savvy (2) follow-your-stars-evening-dres-bien-savvy (3) follow-your-values-evening-dress-bien-savvy (2) follow-your-way-evening-dress-bien-savvy (2)