They say in life, there are times when you have to make really tough decisions. And we know just how challenging it is to choose between two things that you love equally.

Out of the many such tough decisions we have to make, one of them definitely has to decide which one is better – soft, cloth fabrics or the tough, vintage leather. You see, there is always an ongoing competition between these two. There is no doubt about the fact that both fabric and leather have their own set of pros and cons.

But then again, one must make the choice on the basis of what suits their comfort and taste. While the store manager might insist you purchase leather, it is you who must make sure that if it is really worth the investment.

Fabric Or Leather? Checkout Which One Is Best For You! - modern, leather, furniture, fabric

So, here we will be decoding a few facts about fabric and leather so that next time you take a rational decision. Let’s begin:


Comfort is the biggest concern, especially when the choice is between fabric and leather. Again, it is only possible for different people to have different metrics for judging the level of comfort. But, if we go down a little deeper, comfort is a factor that somewhat depends on the type of environment where you thrive.

For instance, people living in hot climatic conditions like that of the Middle East will never find anything made of leather comfortable, no matter how posh it looks.

So, in a nutshell, we can say that if you live in a climate like that, the fabric would work just fine for you. If not, then you must and must go for leather.


Now, this point is not subjective, rather a very, very objective one. To decide which material is more durable is solely based on facts.

Fabrics like cotton, polyester, chiffon, taffeta, etc. are made up of super comfortable material. But comfort is mostly provided at the cost of durability. While on the other hand, leather is justifiably a very strong and durable material because it is made up of animal skin.

In fact, if you are not aware, leather can also be used to make bullet-proof jackets – it’s that durable. So, if durability is your question, leather is the answer.


More often than not, before purchasing anything, we make sure the item falls on the premises of the maintenance we can provide it.

In simple words, we buy only those items which are low-maintenance and of good quality. So, when it comes to leather and fabric – pretty much both require average maintenance.

But, while different fabrics require different levels of maintenance, it is generally seen that leather is more prone to scratches and wear and tear. Not only this, but it is also not the best choice for humid conditions. So, maintenance-wise, we suggest fabric over leather.

Fabric Or Leather? Checkout Which One Is Best For You! - modern, leather, furniture, fabric


Talking of fabric and leather and not discussing style is a criminal offense! When it comes to style, no one gets to decide what works better for someone except the person itself. That is because fashion and style are very subjective issues.

However, to put it in a nutshell, when it comes to fabric versus leather, we have a clear winner in terms of style, and that’s leather. Why? In modern times, no matter how pretty cotton, velvet, denim or georgette look, there is no comparing it with leather – it just makes a different statement. It is not only extremely vogue but very charming too.


Last but never least, one of the most important considerations here is the budget. Fabrics are generally not that costly unless you go for premium ones like silk, cashmere, or guanaco. On the other hand, leathers are also averagely priced, depending on their quality.

Pure Crocodile and Alligator leather will cost you tonnes. So, this choice totally depends on you and the amount you wish to invest.

Over to you…

Choosing between fabric and leather needs a lot of thinking because they are two poles apart from materials. Here, we listed the 5 factors you must assess before purchasing any of the two. This guide will surely help you in finding out which one is better for you – fabric or leather.