Nothing screams loud like the summer fashion trends. Whether you want casual, official, or beach wears, countless summer trends will suit your taste and preferences. With covid-19 still a global pandemic, you might haven’t gotten to notice that summer collections began dropping a few weeks ago. The lockdown has forced us to stay at home, which may seem like we don’t have reasons for putting on “real clothes” during the lockdown. However, you can start looking forward to exploring new fashion trends; this may be a few months from now. After the lockdown, you will feel born again. By trying the latest European summer trends, be guaranteed to feel like a Milan or London street style star!

European Trends to Follow this Summer - trends, summer, fashion, european

Wrapped Ankle Heels or Flats – This is the latest street style that celebrities also wear. Wrapped ankle heels or flats are created with tying your sandal straps around your trousers or going up your legs to make them look elongated!

Bamboo Handle Bags – Expect to see classic bags whose handles are made with bamboo. Many beautiful artisanal brands are focusing on this trend, such as the handcrafted bags by Mirta that are made in Italy and have many styles featuring that ever-so-chic bamboo handle detail.

Sheer layers – For a little bit of ease and breeze, try transparent, sheer layering. This is a good trend because you can cover up or show as much skin as you want. You can consider a sheer dress or choose to wear a sheer shirt on top of a vest; it is an excellent way of working around textures and silhouettes!

Bermuda shorts – This trend began with the British Army who wore shorts in desert and tropical climates. They are also called dress shorts and are worn as semi-casual outfits by both women and men. Its hem can either be cuffed or un-cuffed and reach above the knee. Pair this with a blazer for a summer business-chic look!

Waistcoats with Nothing Under Them – Beat the summer heat by taking a note from menswear. A tailored waistcoat will accentuate all of your best features and can be styled many ways! This year’s summer features waistcoats with nothing under them, dare to bare!

One advantage of the European summer trends is that they can be reused in other ways. They are pieces of investment that can be reused in other different ways in the future seasons and for years to come. After summer, feel free to get creative and see how these pieces could develop into something for the fall!