With a particularly harsh winter gradually winding down, people across the country are doing whatever they can to stay warm. Unfortunately, for many parts of the U.S., the onset of springtime doesn’t mean an automatic return to warmer weather. Depending on where you’re based, keeping a residence consistently warm throughout the springtime can be an arduous undertaking. While there’s no end-all solution for indoor cold, there are a number of easy ways to make the old homestead more comfortable this spring.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Nice and Toasty This Spring - thermal curtains, spring, roof, multi-paned windows, home decor, furniture

Get Your Central Heating Unit Inspected

Most furnaces and central heating units need to be inspected and serviced at least once a year, regardless of whether anything is noticeably wrong with them. These service visits help ensure that central heating units are able to operate at peak efficiency, thereby saving you money on heating costs. An experienced professional will be able to spot and repair a wide array of prospective problems in a timely manner, which is infinitely preferable to letting small problems linger and become pressing issues. If licensed heating and cooling contractors are what you seek, simply go online and do a search for “HVAC companies near me”.

Invest in Multi-Paned Windows

A significant amount of cool air can enter your home through standard single-paned windows. Although many of us associate closed windows with safety from the elements, cold air can get inside regardless of whether or not the windows are closed. If you suspect your windows are partially to blame for the cool temps in your home, consider upgrading to multi-paned windows. Also known as “energy-efficient” windows, they contain multiple panes, thereby offering enhanced protection from the elements. Multi-paned windows are well-equipped to keep inside air from escaping and outside air from entering.

As an added bonus, multi-paned windows don’t just prove useful during periods of cool weather – they can also be equally convenient throughout the sweltering summer months. Since these windows are adept at sealing in air, they can be a boon to your air conditioning – and your monthly cooling costs. So, if you live in an area that receives untenably hot summers, energy-efficient windows should be right up your alley. While they may be pricier than standard windows, they’ll ultimately save you a bundle in heating and cooling costs.

Hang Thermal Curtains

Your choice of window dressing can also have an impact on the temperature of your home. In the interest of keeping warm air inside, replace your current curtains or blinds with thermal curtains. As the name suggests, these curtains are composed of much thicker materials than standard curtains and therefore better equipped to seal in heat. Furthermore, since thermal curtains are affordable on virtually any budget, you have no excuse for not having some at your disposal.

Keep Furniture Away from Radiators

It’s easy to see why people enjoy positioning furniture in very close proximity to vents, registers and radiators. This ensures that they’re able to enjoy a steady supply of heat whenever they’re relaxing in their favorite chairs or sofas. While it may provide a little bit of short-term comfort, this arrangement is likely to result in heat that should be circulating throughout your home being absorbed by pieces of furniture. On the flipside, moving furniture away from the aforementioned heat sources enables warm air to flow more freely.

Insulate Your Roof

Proper roof insulation is essential to maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home. Good insulation is among the most effective ways to ensure that indoor air doesn’t escape and outdoor air is kept at bay. So, whether you’re trying to maintain warmth during the winter and summer months or looking to keep your home cool over the summer, the right insulation is sure to serve you well.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t actively look forward to spring’s arrival. However, as anyone who hails from a cooler part of the country knows, winter weather doesn’t simply disappear on March 21st. Certain areas are liable to see wintery weather conditions well into May, so while the onset of spring is certainly cause for relief, millions of us aren’t quite out of the woods yet. While we may be powerless to control the weather outside, taking the measures discussed above will help us maintain comfortable temps in our homes throughout the springtime.