Drinking is as integral to human life as breathing, but that doesn’t stop it from being incredibly dull if we drink nothing but boring old H20.

We all need some variety in our lives, some new and interesting ways to drink our favorite drinks.

Here are 5 ways that you can upgrade your drinking experience and bring a little more spice to your everyday life.

1. A Fruit Juice In An Actual Fruit?

Everyone loves a nice glass of fruit juice but why not add a little something extra by using real fruit instead of a glass.

The next time you plan on having any kind of fruit juice, instead of pouring it into a glass, why not get hold of a pineapple or a coconut and hold it in there instead?

You will probably need to buy the fruit especially for this, but there is no better way to make you feel like you are back on holiday than by sipping fruit juice out of a coconut or pineapple.

2. A Pretty Design, Funny Message, or Your Selfie on a Cup of Coffee

One of the reasons why people love going to a coffee shop rather than making it themselves, besides the obvious convenience, is because of those funky, swirly patterns you sometimes get on top of your coffee.

But why settle for patterns and simple shapes when you can drink your coffee with a personalized message, trending design, or a photo printed on it?

It turns out that this can actually be done now with the Ripples coffee printer machine. It’s a new machine, used at trending cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, and by some of the world’s biggest brands, to print anything imaginable on your coffee and other foam-based drinks. You can even upload your selfie to their special app and have your own face sprayed on your coffee at just the touch of a button.

Nothing quite compares to taking a sip of your foamy drink and seeing your own face staring back at you.

Dressing Up Your Drinks – 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Drinking Experience - ripplescoffee, flower beverages, drings, dressing up, coctail, candy drink

3. A Color Changing Cocktail

Drinking cocktails always feels more fun than drinking simple shots – unusual flavors and interesting colors make the cocktail experience a real delight.

But what if you could make it even more interesting with a cocktail that changes color in front of your very eyes?

By using Butterfly Tea as the base for your favorite fruity cocktail and adding a few drops of citrus juice to your glass your drink transforms to an entirely different hue.

Simply combine:

20ml of simple syrup

30ml of Butterfly Tea

30ml of Gin or Vodka

And shake it over ice.

Then, once it’s ready, pour it into your glass and add citrus juice, either from a lemon or lime, or even some citric acid dissolved in water. The resulting chemical reaction will change the color of the cocktail to a dazzling purple hue.

Dressing Up Your Drinks – 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Drinking Experience - ripplescoffee, flower beverages, drings, dressing up, coctail, candy drink

4. A Candy Drink (Add Candy To Your Drink – Both Beautiful and Tasty)

What could be better than combining drinking and candy?

Well, instead of having to take a quick mouthful of candy in between cocktail sips, you could instead be adding it directly into your drink mixes!

You can either go really simple and just stir your cocktails using a candy cane, or you could do something really interesting.

Mix together:

30ml Peppermint Schnapps

30ml Crème de Cacao

100ml of half-and-half

A splash of grenadine

Stir over ice and refrigerate until needed, garnishing with a tiny candy cane per glass and you will end up with a drink that tastes exactly like a candy cane!

5. Flower Beverages

Cocktails are often seen as something flowery and, sometimes, too girly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace it and enjoy their intense flavors.

To really stick to this stereotype, you can use actual flowers in your cocktails!

Add lavender or thyme to your drink mixes to completely take them to another level. You can vary the intensity of the floweriness by altering when you put the flowers in – add it really early for a more intense flower taste, or just use it as a garnish.


Your drinks don’t have to be boring – just because everyone around you is drinking plain water and uninteresting cocktails doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun.

Whether it’s adding flowers to your cocktail or doing a bit of mild chemistry to create cool effects, try and use these tips to make your cocktail experience just that little bit more interesting.