If you have scarves sitting in your closet that you have no idea what to do with, upcycle them with any of the ideas below and give them new life. Scarves go in and out of fashion, use your scarves to make a delightful craft. Next time you have old scarves and don’t know what to do with them, consider these ideas to reuse them.

Scarf Shrug

Easy DIY Summer Scarf Shrug

Scarf Tablescape

Beautiful Repurposed Scarf Tablescape

Silk Scarf Pillows

Lovely Repurposed Silk Scarf Pillows

Scarf Accessories

Repurposed Scarf Accessories

Scarf Camera Strap

Repurposed Scarf Camera Strap

Scarf Watch

DIY Silk Scarf Watch

Silk Gift Wrap

Gorgeous DIY Silk Gift Wrap

Scarf Jewelry Tray

DIY Upcycled Scarf Jewelry Tray

Scarf Framed Art

Repurposed Scarf Framed Art

Twist Bracelet

Five Minute Twist Bracelet

Holiday Wreath

DIY Repurposed Scarf Holiday Wreath


Scarf Sun Catchers

Repurposed Scarf Sun Catchers

Curtains From Old Scarves

DIY Curtains From Old Scarves