Father’s Day only comes once a year, so you need to make sure to find the perfect gift for your dad. However, this is easier said than done since shopping can be quite tricky. It might be an excellent idea to opt for a DIY present that you made from your heart, something that will be memorable. By doing this, you won’t worry about what to get him for this upcoming Father’s Day. If you haven’t decided yet what kind of gift basket you’re going to do, here are some DIY gift baskets ideas you can make for the upcoming Father’s Day: 

DIY Projects You Can Gift Your Dads On Father's Day - gift basket, gift, Father's Day, father

Grill Enthusiast Gift Basket

If your dad is a grilling enthusiast, this will be the best gift basket for him. You can buy a set of grilling tools, including one BBQ wire, six skewers, one BBQ fork, one pair of BBQ tongs, an extra-large spatula, and a silicone basting brush. You can also add some ingredients such as different kinds of meat, seafood, vegetables, a customized apron saying he’s the best or some non-perishable goods to the gift basket. This will allow him to prepare a tasty treat for your family while being his awesome self. With this kind of gift basket, it is guaranteed that your dad will have the best Father’s Day ever!

“Pun-y” Gift Basket

Are you thinking of a funny way of showing your dad how you love and care about him? If so, this DIY gift basket idea will be the perfect present for your dad! Mainly if he is into puns and dad jokes. In this gift basket, you try to put a bunch of snacks and get some gift cards from Happy Cards that he can use. Moreover, you can also go to the store and get a Father’s day pun cards to further spice things up to make this year’s Father’s Day memorable and fun!

Handyman Gift Basket

Dads are known to love ensuring everything in the house is in perfect working condition, and they love to tinker a lot of things during the free time. If your dad also enjoys doing this, then a Handyman Dad DIY gift basket is the perfect gift basket. It usually contains a set of handy tools that are valuable when doing house repairs. You can also put his favorite snacks and beer along with it that he can eat and drink after a long day of doing repairs.

With this gift for this coming Father’s Day, your dad will enjoy his free time a lot more thanks to your DIY gift basket.

Charcuterie Gift Basket

Does your dad love to eat cheese and meat while drinking wine or some aperitif? If so, you can make a DIY charcuterie gift basket if you’re still not sure what is the ideal gift for your dad on Father’s Day. In this basket, you will find pretzels, crackers, three different types of tasty summer sausages, slices of different kinds of ham, some sauces, and several different kinds of cheese. With this gift basket, your father will be able to make a meal out if these delicious treats during Father’s Day.

DIY Projects You Can Gift Your Dads On Father's Day - gift basket, gift, Father's Day, father

Fishing Gift Basket

If your dad loves going fishing, your dad will love this kind of gift basket for the coming father’s day. You can include some colorful flies that your dad can use while fishing, brand new fishhooks, and a scale for measuring and weighing the captured fishes.

It would be best if you also consider including some items that will make his fishing experience a lot more comfortable. These items can be a pair of new sunglasses, a hat and some sunscreen to protect his skin from the scorching sun while he is out fishing.

Autographed Sports Items Gift Basket

Dads are known to have a great passion for sports, and if your father is into basketball, why don’t you make a gift basket that has autographed sports items in it? You can try to acquire some signed items of your dad’s favorite sports team online or from a reputable collector and compile it inside a gift basket.

In addition to this, make sure to add several sports merchandise such as jerseys, caps, club scarfs, and some delicacies like sports drinks and protein bars as well. This will be unique and can be a pleasant gift for your dad that will make him cherish forever.

Assorted Snacks Gift Basket

Your dad may have a specific palette while watching Sports games. Try giving him an assorted snack in a gift basket can be a great idea. You may artfully arrange some of his favorite teats and add some chips, popcorn, peanuts, or cookies along with it and top it off with his favorite liquor.

Relaxation Gift Basket

Your dad might have been working hard to ensure your family to have a comfortable life, and he deserves to relax after a long day at work. One of the better ways to help him relax is by buying him several items that he can use to ensure that he is relaxed.

Some of the items you should consider buying are bottles of his favorite wine or beer, bath salts, soaps, shampoo and conditioners, scented candles, bathrobes and hand towels, slippers, and some reading materials. You should also include a pair of comfortable clothes that he can wear while relaxing inside the house. You can also give your dad a massage; this will make him feel like he’s in a spa.

Giving your dad this for this year’s Father’s Day doesn’t only help to make him feel more relaxed during his free time, but it will also make him feel appreciated and loved.

Fitness Buff Gift Basket

Exercising is essential to improve one’s overall health and well-being, and if your dad enjoys breaking a sweat to keep fit, you can give him this kind of gift basket. Your dad will find fitness trackers, a fitness magazine, a water bottle, gym towels, men’s supplements, and a couple of healthy snacks.

You can also add a new pair of earbuds and clothes that he can wear while exercising. Giving him this kind of gift will go a long way in making your dad even more motivated to stick with his fitness routines.


If you’re having trouble coming up with an idea of the perfect present for your dad for this upcoming Father’s Day, this article has covered some inexpensive DIY gift basket ideas that you can make. This way, you wouldn’t worry that much about the ideal gift for your dad to show your appreciation for being his awesome self.