The living room is a place for comfort and leisure. It’s a place to relax and entertain family and guests, and in modern homes it’s typically furnished with comfortable furniture and a number of electronics, including televisions, DVD players, cable TV boxes, sound systems and gaming consoles. Blending today’s electronics with style and comfort to get the perfect living room for your home takes a little creativity and some interior design finesse. Here are a few tips for getting started.

Think About Traffic

When arranging your living room, most people think of the typical configuration of a TV in front of the couch and chairs. But consider the way people move through the house and how they enter and exit the living room before placing your items.

Use the room’s focal point such as a TV or fireplace, to orient a room’s furnishings. Arrange seating around the focal point in a way that provides a clear view for all seating options, but also allows people to interact with one another. Keep table surfaces nearby for placing drinks, refreshments, books, or TV remotes within reach. Arranging seating in a half circle around a coffee table that faces the wall with the TV is more intimate and user-friendly than pushing couches and chairs back against opposite walls from the focal point.

Another configuration for seating in view of the focal point uses symmetry, such as with two sets of comfortable chairs or sofas at the walls to the left and right of the wall with the television. Side tables or a central coffee table should rest in between.

Depending on your budget and the size of your space, your design options may include built-in features like window seats or bookcases on either side of your focal point. But even those with minimal budgets can use good arrangement and placement of furnishings to create a stylish living room.shutterstock_159028481

Reduce Clutter to Showcase Style

If you use your living room for TV viewing, gaming, listening to music and surfing the Internet, your electronic items will quickly add up. DVD players, cable or satellite TV boxes, Internet boxes, game consoles, and speakers can clutter up your space and get in the way of style and decor.

Reduce electronic clutter with an attractive entertainment center that incorporates cabinets and shelves to organize electronics and store accessories. Living room storage options include hutch-like cabinets with shelves and bookcases on either side of TV stands.

Make a Statement

Use your living room to make a design statement. If you’re drawn to clean, modern lines, use minimal furnishings and lighting. If you have a limited budget, make a statement with one item such as an unusual cocktail table. Olivia Rassow of Elle Decor says the cocktail table can be the most important piece in the living room.

For the ultimate in natural lighting, consider replacing your old, outdated and dingy windows with fresh replacement windows. Large picture windows compliment living areas wonderfully and shaped windows can add a stunning architectural focal point to your home.

Regardless of your style, consider the function of your space before making any major decisions. A little rearranging and organizing can be just what your room needs to feel even more spacious and inviting.