Every detail must be carefully planned and analyzed when organizing the perfect wedding. But before you even get to flower arrangements, menus, and wardrobe, you must decide on the date. And that’s the tricky part because each season has its ups and downs, making it tricky to pick the perfect time.
Besides winter, which most people agree is not ideal for big parties and wedding receptions, all the other seasons have something to offer. Of course, nothing stops you from going this route if you’re into snow and having a winter-themed wedding. Not to mention that you’ll get most venues at a better price.

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However, the consensus is that spring, summer, and fall are the three seasons competing for the best one to have a wedding. So, which one is the winner? Is “wedding season” worth it, or should you get off the beaten track? We’ll explore answers to these questions and give hints on planning the perfect wedding every season.

Spring – Surrounded by Nature’s Awakening

What could be more romantic than being surrounded by a field of blossoming flowers, trees with touches of pink, and pretty much the entire nature coming back to life after winter? Furthermore, spring is your season if you’re into delicate florals and pastel colors.

The spring months – March, April, and May – are known for being less busy with weddings and receptions. Spring is a great time to have a wedding because many people stay home during this season. Hence, the likelihood of your guests accepting your wedding invitation is high unless they have already made other commitments. Spring weddings are becoming increasingly popular, so it’s smart to send out your invitations well in advance to give your guests ample time to plan and save the date for your big day.

While the weather (especially in March) may not be warm enough for a full outdoor wedding, you have several options. You can have an outdoor ceremony and then continue at an indoor location. Alternatively, you can go for an early afternoon meal in an orchard while doing the party at a designated place.

With all this in mind, you can start looking for spring dream wedding venues and plan for an unforgettable day. Spring weddings blend gentle weather, colorful natural scenery, and abundant fresh flowers, creating a picturesque and romantic atmosphere.

But also consider the allergies in spring. Think twice before planning an outdoor wedding if you or your partner have severe hay fever. It’s hard to capture romantic moments when you have red, irritated eyes and a runny nose. If some of your guests have allergies, remind them to pack tissues and inform them in advance if a large part of the day is planned to be outside.

Summer – the Wedding Season is Officially ON

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor enthusiasts and is well-known for being the ideal time for outdoor weddings. The extended daylight, with sunsets as late as 9 pm, creates a captivating atmosphere for enchanting evening receptions. This offers a more relaxed schedule, allowing you to choose your ceremony and reception times. However, the unpredictability of British weather means it’s always wise to have a backup plan for outdoor events.

Evening ceremonies are particularly magical in summer. To avoid the daytime heat, consider having a 5 pm ceremony to give your guests ample time to travel, gather for lunch, and then celebrate into the night. This timing strikes the perfect balance between comfort and festivity.

Summer is a season of vibrant hues and abundant blooms on flower farms, offering a dazzling array of colors throughout the three months. We encourage our couples to envision their preferred color schemes and floral arrangements for their special day and then communicate these ideas to flower farms before the growing season begins. Many farms are happy to cultivate seasonal flowers tailored to your specific needs. Isn’t that fantastic!

Consider the timing and date of your wedding carefully, and send out save-the-dates early. Summer weddings are popular, so plan at least 18 months if possible.

Fall: Incredible Colors and Just the Right Temperature

Autumn is a beautiful season with bright, crisp days, colorful trees, and early sunsets. The falling leaves make for a perfect photography backdrop and natural, seasonal fall decorations You can collect colorful, crisp leaves by wandering around a week before your wedding.

Autumn’s Golden Hour is stunning, with warm colors filling the sky before sunset. Trees, flowers, reds, oranges, and yellows are abundant this season. Although the long, hot summer days have faded, we regularly experience an Indian summer in September, bringing warm days and cool nights.

Consider an afternoon ceremony in autumn, around 3 pm, for a great time of year and beautiful photos. Use the natural backdrop to enhance your wedding day. September is increasingly popular for weddings, but consider accessibility for guests and potential budget constraints.

Final Thoughts

Each season can provide the right conditions for the perfect wedding. It’s all about what you and your partner want, the available venues, and what you think you can put your guests through. If you plan to tie the knot, you have more details about each season to choose the perfect setting for your day.

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