Big Appetites is a series of fine art miniature photographs by artist Christopher Boffoli. The series presents tiny, meticulously detailed figures posed in real food environments, referencing both a cultural fascination with tiny things as well as an American proclivity for excess, especially in the realm of food. His one-man show, called “Big Appetites,” photographs have been published in more than 80 countries around the world and we are happy to highlight it here. We hope you will like it.

Big-Appetites-by-Christopher-Boffoli-12-600x398 Big-Appetites-by-Christopher-Boffoli-600x399 Big-Appetites-Egg-Crack-Crew-600x402

Big-Appetites-pasta-pipefitters-600x403 Cucumber-Sunbathers- Setting-Sail-Big-Appetites-by-Christopher-Boffoli-600x398 Tea-Divers-Big-Appetites-by-Christopher-Boffoli-600x397

All images © Christopher Boffoli | Via DailyMail