Whether you have a garage that is packed full of your belongings or no garage at all, you will want to take extra care with your vehicle. Nothing is worse for your car than leaving it out in the elements, especially if you live in an area that has harsh summers or winters.

In the summertime, the blazing heat can wreak havoc on your cars paint and any rubber that is exposed to the sunlight.  If your vehicle is new, you might not notice for the first few years, ut over time most cars left in the sun will start to show signs on sun damage.

Best Ways to Protect Your Car When You Don’t Have a Garage - wax, vinyl wrap, sun, protect, portable garage, cover, car

In colder climates hail, rain, and snow can cause significant damage and even ruin your cars paint job. Hail storms have been known to put dents in vehicles and even crack windshields.  But if you follow the steps below, you can make your car last longer by giving it the protection it needs.

Car Cover

Covers are relatively inexpensive and range from twenty dollars to as much as a few hundred dollars depending on the style and brand you purchase. But even the less expensive ones do a great job of protecting your vehicle from dust, dirt, snow, and rain.

Portable Garage

Over the past decade, portable garages have come a long way and even better they have come down in price. The absolute best way to protect your vehicle is to purchase a portable garage. The two most common material used for these type of garages are vinyl and durable polyethylene. The vinyl ones tend to cost a few dollars more but are stronger than the polyethylene garages.  Most people are surprised by the pricing, which starts at around three hundred dollars.

Wax Often

Wax is an amazing protectant for cars not only does it help with the sun and winter conditions, but the wax often helps with protecting your vehicle in wind storms. It is a good habit to wash and wax your car a few two to three times per month.

Vinyl Wrap

Wraps have come down in price and your average small to medium size car can be wrapped for anywhere from three hundred dollars to eight hundred dollars. What is great about a vinyl wrap is the wrap protects your car from scratches, chips, and fading in color. A wrap can also change the look of your car if you so desire it by changing the color or adding graphics.

Don’t Park Under Trees

Trees are bad news for cars, trucks, and SUV’s. While some trees are worse than others, they all have their downsides. Trees that are full of sap are by far the worse. The sap dips down onto your cars paint and is hard to get off.  If that sap is removed right away, it can ruin the paint job.

Animals in the trees can also cause a lot of problems.  Birds and squires either drop or cause things to drop off trees and can make dents in your car.  Not to mention there is always that one tree which has a flock of birds that produces enough droppings that changes the color of your car.

Final Thoughts

We tend to spend lots of money on our vehicles these days. In fact, next to our homes, a car is usually the second largest purchase we will make.  You should take care of your car the best you can so it last longer and helps hold it value better.