We all know how stressful and annoying a noisy room can be. Whether attempting to work in your office or just relaxing at home, unwanted noise can distract you, annoy you, and even disrupt your ability to concentrate, be creative, or relax. Aside from getting rid of the source of the noise, it may seem like you don’t have many options to fix this problem. But that’s where sound dampening felt tiles come in.

This innovative felt material can reduce unwanted noises in your room and help you achieve a better sense of calm and relaxation. In the office, these sound dampening tiles are ideal for improving concentration and productivity. But what exactly does sound dampening mean and how do these tiles work to reduce noise? Here, we’re taking a closer look at the benefits of using sound dampening tiles for your home or office.

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Sound dampening refers to the ability of a material to reduce the amplitude of a sound wave. Depending on the material, this sound dampening can dramatically reduce the reverberations of sound waves and cut down on unwanted noise. Materials such as felt, acoustic foam, or fiberglass insulation are all commonly used to reduce unwanted noise and the reverberation of sound waves in a room.

Sound dampening, however, is not the same as soundproofing. Soundproofing refers to the complete elimination of sound in a room. Soundproofing a room is a much more high-level task that requires advanced (and often expensive) materials to completely get rid of all the noise. This is why opting for sound dampening materials is a popular choice for many homeowners and property managers. Unless you need to reduce noise to an absolute zero, as you might for building a recording studio, sound dampening can offer you the peace and quiet and reduction of noise you’re after.


Unless you’re still in the construction phase of your home or office, it can be challenging to go back and create a space with sound dampening qualities. But luckily, you have choices when it comes to creating a quieter space. Sound dampening felt tiles are one of the most popular options for quickly and easily reducing noise in any enclosed space. These sound dampening tiles are made with an innovative felt material that absorbs sound waves and prevents excessive reverberation of sound waves.

The top felt tiles on the market have a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of roughly 0.35 percent. What does this number mean exactly? When a sound wave strikes these felt tiles, the material absorbs 35 percent of the incoming sound. With less sound waves reverberating around your room, bouncing from wall to wall, you’ll have less excess noise and better sound quality.


Sound dampening felt tiles do so much more than just look good on your walls. While, yes, the aesthetic appeal is certainly one benefit of this innovative material, you’ll be amazed at what else these felt tiles can do for you and your space.

Here’s a look at some of the top benefits of installing sound dampening tiles for your home, office, or any enclosed space where you need a little more peace and quiet.

1. Less unwanted noise.

The greatest benefit is also the most obvious. Sound dampening tiles dramatically reduce the level of unwanted noise in your space. While sound dampening won’t completely block out all the noise (like a soundproof room), you’ll be amazed at how more peaceful and relaxing your space becomes when you’ve installed some felt tiles. As you add more tiles, the sound dampening quality of the room only improves.

2.Improved privacy.

Especially important for your office, sound dampening materials can improve the privacy in your meeting rooms and other areas where delicate information is shared. This also can prove beneficial at home if you live in an apartment complex, duplex, or shared unit where it’s easier to hear your neighbors.

3.Better sound quality.

We all know the unpleasant effects of unwanted noise, but did you know that this noise also degrades the quality of other sounds in your space? This is why sound dampening tiles are perfect for your home entertainment room. Optimize your listening experience, whether it’s your favorite album or a new movie, by installing appealing felt tiles throughout your space.

4. Improved productivity and focus.

Chatter and other unwanted noises make it much more difficult to focus and get work done. Simply throwing on your headphones to drown out office noise isn’t a good long-term solution. Installing sound dampening felt tiles can improve the productivity in your office by cutting down on unwanted distractions. For those of us who have shifted to a home office in recent years, these sound dampening panels can prove to be a lifesaver as you transition to working at home.


Do you need a little more peace and quiet in your life? Frankly, who doesn’t? Using innovative sound dampening tiles is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to control the unwanted noise in your home or office and craft a space that lets you relax or concentrate. With this innovative felt material, you don’t need to tear down your walls or remodel your space. It only takes a matter of minutes to hang up these colorful and eye-catching tiles and completely transform your enclosed space. With customizable designs, you can create a pattern to match your style.

You’ll be amazed at the multiple benefits of having sound dampening tiles in your home or office. Not only do they reduce noise, but they also enhance your privacy and can improve the quality of sound. All this can even lead to reduced levels of stress and anxiety, which, over time, can have harmful impact on your overall health. Take back control of the noise in your space with sound dampening felt tiles. Fast, easy, and affordable. Now, doesn’t that sound nice?