Cash-strapped students are always looking for new ways to make money, and one easy way to boost your bank balance is to become a social media influencer. By simply building a following on one or two chosen platforms and then collaborating with brands to help promote their products, you can earn money without having to wear a uniform or commit to shifts.

Becoming A Student Influencer: A Beginner’s Guide - tricks, tips, student, influencer

The social media influencer market is a flourishing space, with spending rising constantly and influencers now commanding increasingly high fees for their work. Brands have come to realise that traditional forms of advertising are not as effective as influencer marketing, which is more subtle and designed to look more natural, so they are using it to reach a wide range of consumers, including students.

As such, now is the perfect time to make your social media account work for you by becoming an influencer. Even during your studies it’s possible to work with a variety of brands and earn money by emulating popular student influencers who are now a key market for companies looking to infiltrate the student market. The influencer industry is highly competitive, so here are some of the best ways to make your mark and fit in your career as an influencer around your studies.

Work With An Agency

Find a dedicated influencer agency that can provide you with the guidance and support to get your dream of becoming an influencer off the ground. They will help to connect you with suitable brands so that you can find paid work and monetise your social media accounts with ease.

Invest In Quality Equipment

When you first open your social media accounts and start building a following it’s easy to just use your phone, but as you become more popular your followers will expect better from you, as will the brands that pay you to promote their products. To ensure that your photos are of the highest possible quality find the perfect camera to make your Instagram posts pop, or if you’re committed to using your phone and not carrying around bulky equipment then find an accessory that can give you better quality images and make your posts stand out.

Show Off Your Study Abroad Experience

Should you decide to study abroad, find a country with beautiful landscapes and share your adventures with your followers. Select a country like Spain that is sunny and filled with unique customs, colourful parades and delicious meals for you to showcase on social media. Student accommodation providers like Collegiate AC offer properties throughout Spain with a variety of Instagram worthy amenities like a rooftop terrace so that you can show off your beautiful life as you study in the sunshine.

Live An Enviable Life

Social media influencers create lives that others want to emulate, so make sure that every aspect of your existence is beautiful and social media worthy. Try to make sure that you constantly participating in unique and unusual activities, and wherever you go try to find at least one stunning view or tasty treat to photograph and share with your followers.