Some cosmetic routines take a lot of time and can occasionally be very patient-testing. How many times have you fought and messed up trying to get the perfect cat eye? Or let to apply lipstick once every minute? We have now discovered 10 tips that can help you live a little more comfortably. Wouldn’t it be great to finally learn how to get rid of those pesky hairs that keep ruining your neat ponytail?


Spray perfume in several strategic places – then it lasts all-day

The back, behind the ear, the crease of the arm, the crease of the knee, and even the navel should all be perfumed, according to experts in fragrance. Spreading out your perfumed spots increases the likelihood that they will stay longer. The idea is to spray perfume in areas where the skin is thin.

Don’t test your new foundation on your cheeks

Your face has a different color of skin than the rest of your body. The likelihood that you will obtain a foundation that does not match your chest and neck is great if you purchase one that matches your cheeks. Instead, try them on your neck; you should have a color that blends in with your skin.

Use matte products if you have oily skin

Your skin will appear shinier if you apply a sparkly blush or bronzer; consider matte cosmetics instead. As a highlighter, you can use a concealer that is paler than your skin tone.

Make lipstick last longer

After finishing your normal lipstick application, cover your lips with a tissue. Next, apply a clear powder over the cloth. Once the tissue is removed, you have lovely lips that linger all day!

Heat the eyelash curler for the best results

If you warm the eyelash curler with a hair dryer first, it will be much easier to bend the eyelashes. If you combine tip number five with it, you can party in style without a lot of hassle.