The year 2020 has presented fresh challenges for businesses and industries all around the world. But the true leaders of the corporate world have taken this opportunity to turn around into their victory. Aldo Carpinteri, the founder of Modes fashion retailer, has presented such a vision amidst this global crisis. He has set his roots in the fashion industry of Italy and is now expanding his business to customers who wish to discover MODES. The omnichannel retailer has started growing the fashion world of Modes, beyond the brick and mortar stores. With his vision of making fashion available in many channels, he has now elaborated on his business in Milan, Italy’s fashion capital.

Aldo Carpinteri Gears Up For Expanding Modes Fashion Retailer - store, retailer, fashion, carpinteri, barnd

In the fashion capital

Aldo Carpinteri has taken Modes to the world’s fashion capital, Milan. The headquarters has been set at a flagship store in Piazza Risorgimento 8. Built to reflect the gorgeousness of the multibrand, the store stands at the heart of the city, capturing people’s gazes. It is evident that Aldo Carpinteri has put great efforts behind Modes, from the stunning stores to the beautiful fashion collections one can find there.

The Milan flagship store has 12 large windows with a clear view of the interiors from the streets. Set in one of the most beautiful neighborhood in Milan, with complete residential and commercial facilities, the design of the store will surely attract more customers, benefitting the brand.

Aldo Carpinteri Gears Up For Expanding Modes Fashion Retailer - store, retailer, fashion, carpinteri, barnd

Flagship store inspiration and features

With the creative inputs of studio Andrea Caputo, the luxury store not only aims at fashion sales but incorporates the dreams and ideas of the customers as well. Modes believes that the true identity of a company is defined by the relationships with its customers, and so, they are welcome to discuss their fashion desires with the expert team at the store. Right from what they like to how they can finally buy it, the customers will lead Modes, as visualized by Aldo Carpinteri.

To serve the best interests of the public, the Milan project not just focuses on attires. They have sought to introduce themed playlists, magazines, jewelry collection, and flowers. A dedicated reading room and NTS radio setup have also been set up. Bruno Ceschel is the curator and expert of these books inclusions.

The store has also decided to go with a random identity of attires, to bring a variety of taste. Aldo Carpinteri’s Modes has collaborated with women and men’s fashion brands from several designers all around the world, to include acclaimed clothes and accessories. This Milano store reflects the philosophy of Modes and attempts to develop the art of fashion for all seasons and occasions.

Aldo Carpinteri Gears Up For Expanding Modes Fashion Retailer - store, retailer, fashion, carpinteri, barnd

Current expansions

It is to the enterprising skills of Aldo Carpinteri that Modes has acquired more then ten stores across Italy and Switzerland even though their major turnover comes from e-commerce and equates to about 121.7 million euros of business. Springing up in different locations, Modes has revamped the idea of fashion as deemed by the customers, within a few years of its inception.

Transformed into Modes from Stefaniamode, the new logo has instilled a new spirit in the brand identity. As the store in Milan gets a grand entry into the fashion capital, Aldo Carpinteri is planning on further expansion. These new additions will extend the already existing family of Modes fashion retailer stores and will bring a breath of fresh air among the fashion world, thanks to the modern and revolutionary vison of Aldo Carpinteri.