We are spending more time in our homes than we have ever done before: we work in our bedrooms, eat in our kitchens and often spend the entire evening relaxing in our living rooms. So, it’s now essential that our lounges are a place where we can de-stress.

A Place to Relax: Living Room Essentials - sofa, rugs, Plants, Living room, lighting, essentials, coffee table, art

The benefits of spending time at home range from quality time with loved ones to enjoying the peace of reading. We believe that our lounges may need a little reboot now that the whole family are inside, or that you’re currently living alone and need to liven up the place. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of things to consider when decorating your living room.


The statement piece to any living room is the sofa, and can we even call it a lounge without one? After a long day of work, you’ll want a comfy couch that’ll support your back whilst watching television. There are many sectional couches for sale which are great for snuggling up in the corner, and perfect for lots of space for the family.

Coffee Table

The last thing you want is to be placing your cup of tea on the floor to only then be knocked over by the dog. So, coffee tables are essential, from placing your drinks on, to having a nice collection of magazines you can grab at any time. Before picking one, think about the style of your living room as the table will take centre stage.


Plants are on trend, everyone has one. They’re a great way to bring life to your living room, and it’s easy to pick a plant that suits you. Choose an indoor plant to make a statement or to simply bring a bit of colour to your bookshelf. Cacti range in sizes and are ideal for people who forget to water their plants.


Have a table lamp for when you want to read, as it will illuminate dark corners. Overhead lamps with around 4 light bulbs are great for lighting up the room. We recommend a chandelier or for lower ceilings a flush lamp. If you’re picking a light shade, make sure the colour matches the rest of the room.


They bring the room together, add colour and make the place cosy. Make sure a piece of furniture is touching your rug, which can be a coffee table or chair, to avoid the isolated rug look. Think about a pattern that’ll compliment the walls. Also, either pick a small rug that’ll leave the walkway completely clear or a large one that covers the walkway.


Don’t ignore your walls as they’re a great place to add some personality. When buying a piece think about what colours you want in the living room, your budget, and what would personally give you joy. If you’re new to the art world think about what you’re willing to invest in and something you’ll love looking at for years to come.