A Nature-friendly Home – 9 Ecological Solutions - nature, home, eco, design

Each of us, even as an individual, can have a real impact on environmental protection. What ecological solutions should be implemented at home in order to live in harmony with nature?

Ecological water filter

If we take care of our body and health, we drink an average of one bottle of water a day. On an annual basis, that’s 365 plastic bottles that will take many years to decompose. How to prevent this? Experts from Smart Eco assure us that tap water in larger cities is perfectly safe to drink. However, if you are not sure about the composition of the water, you may decide to use a filter cap that is attached to the tap. There are also water filtering jugs to choose from! And what if we are addicted to water bubbles? Let’s buy so called saturator, which will add some gas to water purified with filter.

Air purifiers

Especially in winter, we are flooded by the media with information about smog and the danger it poses. To take care of our immediate surroundings, we can opt for air purifiers. Thanks to them, we can improve the quality of the air we breathe, which can have a real impact on our health.

Let’s also not forget about natural air purifiers, namely…flowers. Plants in the home filter pollutants. Moreover, every plant creates a favorable microclimate around it. Water evaporates from its leaves all the time, so the air is better moisturized.

Ecological heating – heat pump

If we are at an early stage of house construction, it is of great importance to decide on the type of heating. Currently the most recommended option is the heat pump which obtains heat from inside the earth. It is both ecological and economical solution.

Water saving faucets

A way to implement ecological solutions in the bathroom is to install water-saving faucets. This type of equipment is called thermostatic faucets. Their use reduces water and energy bills. Manufacturers state that water savings can amount to about 40%. This is due to a much shorter time needed to achieve the optimum temperature of water flowing out compared to classic faucets.

In addition, there are also faucet models that allow you to change the water intensity depending on the activity. We can start the shower with a gentle stream and increase the amount of water, for example when rinsing our hair.

If we are fans of shower enclosures, we should consider installing a rain shower. A rainshower has small holes which make the strength of the water stream smaller, but still sufficient to comfortably enjoy a bath. Thanks to this, we are able to save up to 30% of water compared to a traditional shower mixer.

Smart home – the way to go green

Although originally smart home solutions were primarily to save our time, they also contributed to caring for the environment. How? Intelligent light bulbs with motion detector will turn on only when someone is in the room, and remote-controlled heating will allow you to control the temperature even from the other side of the earth. Thanks to this, all household appliances will use electricity only when it is really needed.

Compost in the garden

Seemingly insignificant container in the garden is important for the environment. Unfortunately, the ecological awareness of Poles is still low, and we can meet people burning leaves, or worse – garbage! To such people let’s present the compost. It is nothing else than a “trash can” for ecological waste in the form of leaves or weeds. After a longer period of time compost is produced from them, which is a natural fertilizer for plants.

Reusable packaging

Have you ever wondered what impact our daily choices have on the environment? Of course, there is no need to remind us about reusable bags or limiting the amount of plastic in our grocery shopping. The way we store our food also plays an important role. A good patent is to purchase glass jars for bulk items.

Baskets for waste separation

It is a sad fact that a large part of the population is the cost of garbage removal, which led to the segregation of waste, which simply … began to pay off. Regardless of the reason for such behaviour, it is worth investing in recycling garbage cans. In many homes, there are still ordinary bins, which do not allow for proper separation of paper and plastic.

Natural materials in interiors

Current trends of returning to nature are good for the environment! The most fashionable rattan furniture and accessories, bamboo accessories, linen fabrics play not only an aesthetic role, but also an important ecological one. By choosing home or apartment furnishing consisting mostly of natural materials, we minimize the amount of plastic used.