If you’re in the planning stages of a kitchen remodel, you have probably come to realize that there are so many choices you will have to make. For our clients who aren’t sure where to start, we recommend choosing a decorative style first. This way, you can narrow down your options instead of sorting through thousands of countertop, cabinet, backsplash combinations.

We’ve outlined the primary features of different kitchen design styles to help you get started.

A Guide to Help You Plan Your Kitchen Remodel Style - traditional, style, southwestern, remodel, mid century, kitchen, Farmhouse, contemporary

Traditional – The traditional kitchen is the most popular style. It combines old and new design elements to create a space that is both comfortable and stylish. Here are some of

  • Cabinets: You can use RTA cabinets in a traditional kitchen, saving you money on your remodel. The best color to choose is white or another light, airy color.
  • Countertops – Granite or quartz countertops are your best bet for your traditional kitchen. The choice of color depends on what you went with for your cabinets, but something more on the simple side is a good choice.
  • Floors – The most popular choice for flooring in a traditional kitchen is hardwood. You can also choose tiles that look like wood planks.

Contemporary – You can also call the contemporary style “minimalist” since this type of kitchen is not too flashy. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring, though!

  • Cabinets – Sleek full overlay cabinets with flat panel doors make for a lovely centerpiece of the contemporary kitchen.
  • Countertops – Splurge on marble countertops to add a beautiful touch to a contemporary kitchen. Like we said, contemporary does not mean boring!
  • Hardware – Hardware should be simple with long, clean lines. Tubular door pulls would be an excellent finishing touch on your dark RTA cabinets.

Farmhouse – Thanks to Joanna Gaines, the farmhouse kitchen has been one of the most popular choices for a kitchen remodel in the last few years. The farmhouse style is a blend of industrial style with softer colors and décor.

Here are a few must-haves for your farmhouse kitchen:

  • Cabinets – Your cabinets should be classic and straightforward, so shaker cabinets are our go-to cabinet for farmhouse kitchens. Most farmhouse kitchen cabinets are white or off-white.
  • Backsplash – A simple white or gray backsplash using subway tiles is all you need for the farmhouse style. If you want to switch it up a bit, you could arrange the tiles in an unexpected pattern like herringbone.
  • Sink – You can’t have a farmhouse kitchen without a large apron front sink. You can go with a classic white ceramic sink or switch it up with a stainless steel or copper sink to add some character to the area.

Mid-century – The mid-century kitchen combines a quirky combination of traditional and modern design. This can be one of the more challenging design styles since you have so much room to add your own style, but if you’re willing to give it a try, here are some of the basics you should include:

  • Counters – Laminate countertops are ideal for this trend. No color is off-limits! You can choose blue, yellow, orange, or even green countertops if you’re brave enough. If you want something a little more understated, you could choose a wooden butcher block for a counter.
  • Cabinets – You have to go with wood cabinets to fit into the mid-century design. Flat paneled RTA cabinets would be the ideal option since simple lines are needed to stay on-trend.
  • Backsplash – The backsplash in a mid-century kitchen should be the star of the show. Look for geometric patterned tiles in bold, bright colors to add life to this space.

Southwestern -One of the hottest new trends in the southeastern kitchen. If you’re not familiar with the southwest, the culture and style combine the Native American culture plus the Spanish and Mexican influences that settled in the area hundreds of years ago. For a kitchen with a southwestern flair, you’ll want a lot of warm, earthy colors. Here are some other must-haves:

  • Cabinets- You can go with either white or wooden RTA cabinets as a starting point for your southwestern kitchen,
  • Backsplash – Play into the Spanish style with your backsplash by choosing Talavera tiles. These are square tiles with stunning painted patterns. A less expensive option could be painted brick for your backsplash.
  • Flooring – Your floors should be a warm, terra cotta tile. This, again, lends an Earthy element to the kitchen, which is essential in a southwestern space.

Whatever option you choose, our design consultants would be happy to help guide you. Contact us with any questions you may have.