A new vehicle is an investment. Manufacturers provide a factory warranty to help protect your purchase in the first few years of the car’s use. This type of warranty typically ends in three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

If you want to extend the protection for your car, you can get a vehicle protection plan, also called an extended car warranty. Choosing the best extended car warranty for your car has the following benefits.

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Budget Protection

Purchasing a car today means getting a higher level of technology. Advancements in the automobile industry are making each new vehicle more complex than the last. This is an exciting venture, especially for first-time car owners. But these high-tech features also make these vehicles potentially more expensive to repair.

A reliable extended car warranty or vehicle protection plan directs you to a technician and mechanic whose services are within your budget. Your warranty company will then cover your car’s repair service costs.

Paying out-of-pocket for your car’s repairs can cost thousands of dollars, depending on your vehicle’s brand and model. With a vehicle protection plan, you can save on repairs and replacements whenever you need them without breaking your bank.

Constant Peace of Mind

The older your car gets, the more miles of repeated wear it has on its parts. The risk for breakdowns becomes higher. Driving can be stress-free knowing you have something protecting you. You know your vehicle is protected, so you can feel secure each time you drive.

With just a call, your warranty provider can connect you to a towing company. The tow truck will bring you and your car to the nearest recognized vehicle repair shop. This feature can remove you from a possibly dangerous situation, especially if your car breaks down on the road at night.

Sometimes, car repairs can take days. Your provider can cover your car rental costs if you need to be somewhere right away. The company can also cover your meals and lodging if having your car repaired leaves you stranded out of town. The peace of mind you get will go beyond the towing and repairs.

Flexible Coverage

Manufacturer warranties tend to have a set of rules you need to follow. You can only use this warranty only if you stick to these built-in conditions. One example is bringing your car only to the manufacturer’s specified dealership. However, having an extended warranty will allow you to bring your vehicle to any of the authorized repair shops on the provider’s list.

Getting an extended warranty for your vehicle also gives you the opportunity to talk about your budget. It also sets the specific needs of your car. This conversation allows your provider to tailor a coverage suitable to your needs. Some warranty providers even offer extended warranties designed for rideshare drivers.

Higher Resale Value

One day, you may want to sell your vehicle. Like anyone else, you will want the highest price possible for your car. Having an extended car warranty can help keep your car in top shape. The warranty plan you have for your car is transferrable as well. This can be an attractive add-on for the possible buyer.

Your car may get more offers since the possible buyers know it is well-cared for. The extended warranty will give the new car owner proper financial protection right after the purchase.

Lower Ownership Costs

Owning a car is an investment. You need to care for your car while saving money whenever you can. This is what a car warranty can do for you. Your car gets the proper care while you also get protection from the consequences of high-cost repairs.

The coverage you get depends on what you agreed to pay for. Large premiums will enable your provider to pay for extensive car repairs.

Specialized Repair

Your car may need specialized repair, especially if you own a luxury vehicle. These types of repairs can be nerve-racking because they may cause more harm to the vehicle if the technicians are not that knowledgeable. As a result, the repair causes more damage.

A vehicle protection plan can provide your car with the specific help it needs. Your provider will connect you to the right service shop, especially if the problem involves complicated circuitry.

Dependable Customer Service

Reputable extended warranty providers have knowledgeable and responsive customer service agents. They can evaluate your problem and resolve it right away. The technical knowledge of the provider’s agents can provide you with the technical assistance you need. With responsive agents, you can also rest assured that you can get immediate roadside assistance and towing when needed.

These professionals can answer your questions about the vehicle protection plan you choose. Customer service representatives will be happy to review your coverage with you. This can help you understand what will and will not receive coverage.

Direct Payments

Some warranty providers do not pay for the repairs right away. They wait for your claim to go through. Then, they process it. Only then will they reimburse you for the costs. The warranty company pays the technician or mechanic directly, once the policy reviewer approves the repairs. You will not need to wait for the reimbursement anymore.

Bottom Line 

Having a reliable warranty provider can make car ownership more convenient. You have a ready helping hand whenever you may need it to cover the costs of expensive car repairs. It makes driving more stress-free as your car gets older.