The technology that we all use on a daily basis today is much further advanced than many scientists ever envisioned 40 years ago. And there’s no sign that out progression is slowing in technological development.

It’s not uncommon to compare the tech that we all use today to the science fiction movies of the late 20th century. Even those fancy communicators that all the Star Trek crew members used were once a fantasy. Now, a smartphone is nearly essential to live and work in society today.

But when it comes to wireless technology, most users are largely unaware of the advances that have occurred in recent years. No longer does wireless tech apply only to Bluetooth earpieces or streaming capabilities. Today, this tech is much more robust and is being used for multiple applications.

Here, we’ll touch on just a few of the capabilities that wireless tech has brought to the fore.

A Few Amazing Things You Need to Know About Wireless Technology in 2021 - technology, future

Virtual Assistants

Being able to control everything in your home with a simple voice command was once the stuff of science fiction. Today, it’s total reality.

With all of the wireless upgrades being applied to appliances, lighting systems, home security networks, and even to temperature controls, you’re now able to control these systems using a virtual assistant.

Devices such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa have provided integrated tech that can control any wireless device in the home. Even solar lighting integrated with wireless tech can be controlled and modified from the touch of a smartphone app, or by voice command via a virtual assistant.

Just imagine, coming home late at night, you’re now able to check your security system before you even get home. You can adjust your lighting on the front porch, as well as the temperature inside the home as well. And the tech is only projected to advance from here.

V2X Wireless Tech

You’re probably familiar with Tesla’s self-driving vehicles. Well, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what wireless tech is capable of.

The term V2X, or Vehicle-To-Everything, regards vehicles being able to communicate with one another, and this is a technology that is being developed in real-time. In fact, some experts suggest that V2X will become a legal requirement for all new vehicles.

The overall idea of V2X is to enable a motorist to relay information to other vehicles and infrastructure networks regarding safety compliance, navigation support, and other sensitive information relays.

Though this sort of tech is dependent on a complete 5G network, the models are currently being developed by experts in the automotive tech industry.

Wireless Sensing

Sensing technology is what makes a lot of our infrastructure possible in today’s world. Without remote sensing equipment, Geographic Information systems (GIS), and Global Positioning Systems (GPS), we’d be unable to navigate the way we do with ease or be able to map out critical resources such as oil and gas exploration.

In the development stages of wireless sensing, we now have the outlook for what could be possible in the future. And this includes indoor radar systems for the operation of drones, robotics, and other sensing equipment.

Additionally, virtual assistants will be able to utilize this tech to differentiate between other voices, even to count how many people are in a room.

Further developments in wireless sensing will also one day be integrated with medical diagnostic equipment, potentially giving a physician the ability to remotely conduct invasive operations using remote tools and robotics.

Our digital age is advancing faster than ever before. And though some might prefer the “old fashioned” way of living and doing things, this will not stop the progress of advancement. As a best practice, it’s a wise decision to familiarize yourself with existing tech and the up-and-coming developments that will ultimately alter our way of life in the near future.