The entire home structure and stability relies on the laid-out foundation and the surrounding walls, an elaborated, well thought of architectural unit. For you as a homeowner, it is essential that you take note of your home’s foundation and any structural alterations or otherwise, impending damage to the foundation. A significant concern that is an indication that all is not well is a crack occurring on the foundation of the home.

Although not all foundation cracks are signs of impending structural damage, it is wise for you to have a detailed assessment of the origin and cause and make the necessary repairs. JES Foundation Repair focuses on helping you as a homeowner make the necessary repairs on your home foundation crack. Below are the eight tips for repairing a foundation crack.

8 Tips For Repairing A Foundation Crack - repair, preventive, preparation, foundation, determine, crack, architecture

1. Assessment

The very first step is inspecting your entire home foundation to check for the presence, location, size, and type of crack if any is in existence. The inspection is essential in determining the next repair step that you should take because the type and size of the crack need different repair approaches. You must carry out a thorough inspection, a process that you should repeat once in a while.

2. Determine the size of the crack

Check for the size, depth, and type of foundation crack, which will ensure that you make the necessary repair preparation. You can use measuring equipment in determining the length and depth of the crack.

3. Site preparation for repair

After assessing the crack and determining its size, you need to prepare the site for the repair process. The preparation includes cleaning the site and getting rid of any existing loose chippings from the surrounding. You also need to assemble the tools and materials essential for the repair process.

4. Repair the small cracks

Otherwise known as hairline cracks, they are the simplest to repair.  For cracks that are slightly more extensive than 1/8 inches, mix up the concrete and ensure you obtain a thin paste. The next step is carefully and systematically completely patching up the cracks.

5. Repair larger cracks

The repair of more substantial cracks, especially those above half an inch in width, needs an elaborated and detailed approach. Ensure you fill-up the cracks to their core, and re-assess the results after the concrete has dried up.

6. Sealing off the foundation walls

Ensuring that you completely seal off the foundation walls will ensure the stability and strength of your entire home structure.

7. Preventive measures

It is essential to ensure that you put in place preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of foundation cracks and maintain the structural stability of the ones repaired. A complete seal off of the foundation walls from water and other elements is a critical point.

8. Invest in a credible and professional foundation repair firm

JES Foundation Repair will help you take care of your home foundation crack repair with a professional and experienced touch.