Kitchen appliances are always improving in terms of technological sophistication and aesthetic design, but modern trends are pushing things further than ever. If you want a kitchen that will amaze your guests, or if you’re simply looking for a change in your dream home, now’s the perfect time to start studying the amazing trends in kitchen appliances.

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The Hottest Trends in Kitchen Appliances

These are some of the most prominent and powerful kitchen appliance trends to consider:

  1. Smart features everywhere. You’ve likely heard of smart refrigerators and smart ovens at this point, but what about smart dishwashers? Smart toasters? Everything in the kitchen is getting “smarter,” from the major appliances you need to store and cook food to the lights that hang over your countertops. “Smart” is a term that can describe any functional appliance that connects to your home’s wireless network, but make no mistake—this technology is impressive. With it, you’ll be able to better manage and analyze data related to your habits, make your life easier via automation, and access content (like recipes or shopping lists) without ever leaving the kitchen.
  2. Steam ovens. Traditional ovens typically rely on direct heat from gas or electricity to achieve a certain temperature and cook food within. But steam ovens rely on a reservoir of water as part of their heating functionality; the heat converts the water into steam, which then heats the food. Steam ovens tend to be cleaner, since they have a kind of built-in self-cleaning function, and more importantly, they preserve the moisture in your favorite foods.
  3. The elimination of knobs and handles. Most of your contemporary kitchen appliances likely rely on some physical mechanism for interaction. For example, to open the refrigerator, you probably have to pull on a handle. To turn on a burner, you probably have to turn a knob. In the near future, appliances will start shipping without these bulky, unaesthetic features. Instead, you’ll find things like finger touch-based controls, or touchpads that can be swiped to achieve a specific function.
  4. Diverse cooking options. When it’s time to cook dinner, most people simply turn to the stove, the oven, or the microwave, but we’re seeing an increase in the number of diverse cooking appliance options available to consumers. Multi-cookers allow consumers to cook in many different ways, setting a timer so you can steam, bake, fry, or grill your chosen food. Slow cookers allow you to create a stew that gradually incorporates multiple flavors. And steam-based cookers help you preserve nutrients and keep your food moist while cooking.
  5. Vacuum sealers. Food preservation is a tricky task. You can freeze foods to extend their lifespan, but you also run the risk of introducing freezer burn. Vacuum sealing, by contrast, can preserve your food indefinitely—and it’s easy to do if you have the right appliance. Standalone vacuum sealers have been rising in popularity for a while, but now they’re starting to get integrated into other appliances—and they’re being built straight into your kitchen cabinets.
  6. White aesthetics. Stainless steel has been a prevailing choice for kitchen appliances in the past several years, but modern kitchen trends seem to be in favor of pushing for an icy white. White cabinets and appliances can give your kitchen a brighter look, reflecting more light and presenting a clean appearance.
  7. Personalization. Perhaps the most interesting trend to note is the push toward personalization. More kitchen appliance manufacturers are allowing consumers to actively choose the features and aesthetics they want in each kitchen appliance—and consumers are taking them up on the offer. Today, when buying a stove, a refrigerator, or another appliance, you’ll likely have the ability to choose the perfect shade to fit the color of your kitchen, and you may be able to add or remove features to custom-build the perfect fit for your kitchen needs.

Buying Your Next Kitchen Appliance

There are more options to choose from than ever before, which is a good thing for kitchen appliance consumers. But at the same time, it presents a dilemma: how can you choose between so many viable options?

If you’re looking to buy a new kitchen appliance for your home, unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer. The best thing you can do is take the time to outline your most important goals and priorities, and choose the appliance that meets those goals best.