Due to global warming, it’s become somewhat unbearable to live through the summer season without an air conditioner. Air conditioners are no longer an option, but a necessity for most people because high temperatures can cause illnesses and discomfort. While they used to be expensive back in the day, thanks to technological advances, they’re relatively more affordable these days.

Now when it comes to installing them, consider things like energy efficiency, price, type, and so forth. But the most important thing you ought to consider is the contractor you choose for the job. You need to work with professional service providers within your locations, such as Daikin ducted air conditioners, for high-quality service and optimal results.

That said, below are some tips on installing a new air conditioner to prepare for the coming summer season.

7 Tips For Installing A New Air Conditioner - home design, air conditioner

1.Use Professional Service Providers

While you could do it on your own, you should leave it to the professionals. You need to look for certified technicians with ample experience. These professionals know the ins and outs of installing these air conditioners.

Plus, if you work with reputable companies, their services come with a workmanship or service guarantee. So, if something goes wrong during installation, you can at least fall back on this guarantee as opposed to nothing. But it’s highly unlikely that genuine professionals will make any errors since they’ve got experience on their side. Moreover, while these professionals may charge a slightly higher premium, it’s often worth the quality service you’ll receive in the end. It’s also best to stick with professional service providers for the purposes of regular maintenance and expert advice.

2.Select The Right Size

You need to choose an air conditioner relative to the size of your house or room. Unfortunately, bigger isn’t always better with air conditioners. If an air-con is too small or too big relative to the size of the room, it won’t dispense hot and cold air evenly. It either heats or cools the room too quickly or too slowly.

Therefore, you need to buy the right size air conditioner for your house. This is also something that a professional can help you establish if you’re unsure. They will factor in things from the number of windows and doors present to the number of occupants in the house.

7 Tips For Installing A New Air Conditioner - home design, air conditioner

3.Handle Everything With Care

An air conditioner has a lot of moving parts, including cables, wires, copper pipes, and other electrical components that could succumb to damage if mishandled. So, it’s very important to have a gentle hand when holding and transporting the unit around. Also, when attaching pipes and connecting wires, make sure that they are connected securely and ensure that there are no visible leakages during or after installation.

4.Choose The Right Type

Depending on the space available, you must select the one that is most appropriate for you. You can choose between split-types, portable, window, or package systems. Split systems are the more affordable ones. However, package systems are less complicated to install. Perhaps you may need to consult with a professional to determine which air conditioner is best for you.

5.Stay Away From Gas

You shouldn’t install your air conditioner in an area that’s a potential fire hazard like gas. If a gas leakage occurs, you certainly don’t want your air conditioner nearby because it could trigger a fire. So, just ensure that you install it far away from your gas appliances or gas pipes in the house.

6.Avoid Trash

This is something that could fly over your head. Even though it could be a simple fix, sometimes the design of the house may not allow the trash can to be moved away from its designated place. So, you need to think about setting your unit away from the trash can to avoid making the entire house smell bad.

7.Avoid The Hot Parts of The House

Yes, it may seem like a sensible thing to do given the heat that often builds up in that specific room. But, realize that this makes matters worse. When the air conditioner is placed in a hot room or a room with direct sunlight, it has to work extremely hard to keep the house cool. Consequently, since it has to work harder to keep the house cool, electricity bills will increase. Therefore, it’s best not to put your air conditioner in hot areas of the house. Always choose a place with some shade.


When installing the air conditioner, you should consult the professionals from the beginning. While it’s fun to do things yourself sometimes, realize that installing an air conditioner requires very skilled hands. Just look for reliable technicians who can do the job for you. Moreover, once you’ve installed the air conditioner, you must keep it well maintained. Keep in mind that if you take care of it, it will take care of you.