Owning a big garage is a dream for many as the extra storage space can be used for numerous purposes, and can even turn into a guest house or a “man cave”. Nevertheless, in order to maximize the available space, you need to be smart and enhance your organizational skills.

7 Easy Garage Organization Ideas - utility cart, Organization, ideas, hook racks, garage, diy corner, corner storage

Here is how to make the most of your garage by using these simple and easy ideas:

1. Categorize your items

Whether we’re talking about trays, paintbrushes, rollers or your fishing gear, including a closed face reel, you need to start putting all your items in various categories so you can easily identify and find them whenever you need.

You can use freestanding shelves or boxes as long as you label each one of them and you keep track of all the items that are inside.

2. Get rid of the junk

After making an inventory of all the items inside your garage, you should be able to identify which ones are useless and should go to the trash bin.

There is no point in keeping tools and pieces from cars or bikes you are never going to use or repair again, so you need to be honest about your true DIY skills and not clutter. And, let’s face it, if you haven’t fixed them by now, the chances of doing so in the future are even smaller.

3. Invest in corner storage

There are four corners in your garage, so why not make the most out of the available space by installing corner storage? Each of these lightweight and durable shelves is perfect for gardening or maintenance tools and can be installed in just a matter of minutes. It contains enough storage surface for all your tools and, since most of them will hang vertically, you will benefit from more space.

4. Hook racks are a good investment too

Instead of piling up all your clothes in closets and always complaining about not having enough space, one easy trick is to move some of the seasonal coats inside your garage.

Use hook racks that you can find for a dime at any tool shop and place a few in your garage. These come with enough hooks to hang raincoats, umbrellas or other wet items after the rain or can even be used to store some of your seasonal coats.

5. Create a DIY corner

If you’re passionate about home decors and giving the vintage a fresh new look, you can easily create your DIY corner in the comfort of your garage. Invest in tools that you will be needing on a regular basis and start restoring some of the old furniture that you were playing on throwing out.

With the help of sandpaper and a paintbrush, you can easily restore or transform old chairs, racks, and shelves, and use them as additional storage places or decorations in your house or garage.

6. Conceal the mess

You can’t keep your garage 100% clean, especially during your DIY restoration moments so it would be best to hide the mess by using colorful, decorative drapes strung up.

This way you will also have more privacy for your corner and keep the rest of your garage looking clean. Just don’t hide all the garbage and the mess behind the curtains because you will still have to clean up eventually.

7. Invest in a utility cart

One way to make storing and carrying your items from one place to another easier is to simply buy a utility cart. This cart on wheels can also be used as a storage unit for small gardening tools or even some of your biking or hiking gear.