The best method of goal-setting is setting achievable goals. From the name, achievable goals are rewarding, owing to the actual achievements they bring. Here are the top six steps to setting achievable goals:

1)Set Your Lifetime Goals

The first step when setting attainable personal development goals is to consider what you truly want to achieve in your lifetime. Setting lifetime goals is crucial since it gives you the general perspective of your goals, which is instrumental in shaping various aspects of your decision-making strategy. There is no better way to do this than consulting a personal development coach to help you unlock your full potential.

Overcome the self-doubt that has played a key role in weighing you down for quite some time now and build self-confidence. Your life would undoubtedly be so amazing if only you could strip away all the self-limiting beliefs and start believing in yourself. Remember, all your goals are deemed unattainable if you do not have an unshakable self-confidence to help you live your purpose every day.

6 Steps to Setting Achievable Goals - plan, personal, Lifestyle, goals, Achievable Goals

2)Set Smaller Goals

After setting your lifetime goals, it is important to set smaller goals that you wish to achieve within a given timeframe. The duration could range from one to five years, six months or even daily to-do lists. Every plan should be based on previous plans.

For instance, your smaller goals could include reading books as you gain the knowledge needed to achieve higher-level goals. This not only improves the quality of your goal but also makes it realistic. Lastly, review your plans and ensure they are aligned with how you want your life to be.

3)Make Your Goals Specific

Being specific means that you focus on whatever defines your goals. Generalized goals are never helpful because they do not provide specific direction to follow. Therefore, it is crucial to make them as precise as possible. When you are precise about your goals, you are making them achievable.

4)Have A Plan Of Action

What are the specific action steps you are looking to take to achieve your goals? At this point, it is necessary to ask yourself if you can truly achieve your goals by doing what you are doing today. The blueprint for achieving your goal does not have to be too detailed, but it should at least give you the direction needed to achieve your goal.

6 Steps to Setting Achievable Goals - plan, personal, Lifestyle, goals, Achievable Goals

5)Set A Deadline

Setting a time frame within which to achieve your goals is just as important as anything else. Deadlines refer to the set times for completing specific projects. An achievable goal must have a target date. Target dates are instrumental in transforming your goals from mere statements to actionable content. A sense of urgency that comes with setting deadlines increases the desire to work towards achieving your goals.

6)Take The First Step

At this point, it is necessary to take the first step towards achieving your goals. Remember, procrastination should be avoided at all costs because the sooner you begin, the higher the motivation to achieve your goal. No matter much you may be tempted to wait for the right time, it should never be the case because the right time never exists.