If you have a junk car sitting somewhere on your property, you can call car wreckers Taupo to take it away. Car wreckers have the responsibility of not only buying unwanted vehicles from anyone who seeks their services, but they also do a lot of good for their community.

6 Services To Expect From Car Wreckers Taupo - wrecker, services, environment-friendly, car

The following are services that car wreckers can offer you:

1. Free Car Removal

When you’re sure that you want to get rid of a car that doesn’t run anymore, contact car wreckers Taupo, and they’ll haul your vehicle away without a charge. But, why is car removal free?  It’s because the service will make money in other ways, especially if your car still has many parts in it.

The free removal itself means you don’t have to do anything at all—no need for hauling it over to the car wreckers. You don’t have to call for towing services to bring it over to them. You won’t have to spend time and effort to get it out of your yard.

2. Pay For Old Car Models

They’re not just going to haul your car away, but you also get paid for it. Car wreckers make money from various types of car brands and models. They tend to price cars depending on make and model, condition, mileage, demand, and the salvageable parts.

Note that car wreckers not only take cars. They’ll also buy trucks, vans, 4×4, and other types of vehicles. They aim to cater to various car owners for the purpose of providing various car parts or servicing.

For example, they’ll strip winter tires from old vehicles, so that motorists looking for a cheaper alternative can buy them from them. And, these winter tires can be for any brand or model of any car they take.

6 Services To Expect From Car Wreckers Taupo - wrecker, services, environment-friendly, car

3. Environment-Friendly Wrecking Services

It’s safe to say that car wreckers Taupo are also environmentalists. They’re aware of their responsibilities to observe the eco-friendly dismantling of old cars. And, since car wreckers are here, there’s no need for you to bring your junk car to the landfill.

When old cars still have old fuel, it could leak into the earth and cause more harm. Car wreckers have safer ways of extracting leftover fuel from cars as they ‘re bound by laws and regulations to operate in specific areas.

Car wreckers are also known for saving metal sheets from the vehicles they dismantle. As most may not know, car manufacturers use metal recycling processes to create new vehicles. It’s also why you should let car wreckers handle your junk vehicle. They know precisely where these metal sheets will go.

4. Source Of Car Parts

Besides saving metal scraps, car wreckers also remove various car parts to sell. It’s another way that car wreckers are saving the environment. They can tell if a component is still in good working order for reselling. This way, there won’t be as many car parts that’d end up in landfills anymore.

The following are car parts that car wreckers are likely to sell to those who need them:

  • Tires and wheels

If a car has been totaled, that doesn’t mean that tires and wheels aren’t usable anymore. Sometimes, car wreckers will find relatively new ones that can be sold. Second-hand tires and wheels are cost-effective options for car owners.

  • Car battery

Car wreckers will remove the battery and reuse it if it still can make a vehicle run. It’s also another component that can be sold as a second-hand option.

  • Catalytic converter

This control device helps reduce the number of pollutants that your vehicle makes. You’d find it in cars using internal combustion engines, like gasoline. It can also be reused and sold for an affordable price.

  • Engine and transmission systems

These more significant components are expensive when brand new. Car wreckers Taupo remove them and put value if they deem them reusable. Another alternative to selling them is to send the parts to the manufacturer to restore them.

5. Accident Site Cleanup

Debris and fuel spills scatter at locations where major car accidents occurred. If there’s a significant impact, you can expect that total vehicles will have components scattered around. Car wreckers will get their equipment and collect these ruined cars from the accident scene. They will use their skills to collect and dispose of unrecyclable or damaged parts properly.

They’ll also use flatbed trucks to haul away cars too damaged to run. After they’re checked, they’ll decide if the components or scrap metal are still reusable.

6. Car Repair

Some car wreckers will have their local mechanic shop. If the car isn’t too damaged, they’ll haul it away using a flatbed vehicle. You can also call them if your car suddenly stops in the middle of the road. You can expect them to tow it back to their shop for repairs. When you contact them, you inquire if they specialize in the brand and make your car receive quality servicing. You have to be vigilant, though, to ensure that your car is getting proper body repairs. Understand everything upfront. Discuss exactly what you want to be done on your car to avoid mistakes.


Car wreckers offer services that benefit car owners, manufacturers, and the environment. They’re the go-to for second-hand parts and metal sheets that many can afford. The environment also benefits from the recycling methods they use. Call your nearest car wrecker today if you have a car that you don’t want anymore.