Fencing contractors are a dime a dozen. And with so many on the market, you’re practically guaranteed to find a discounted quote if you shop around. However, so many people opt to DIY their fencing projects, believing that they can save money and time by attempting to install their own fence.

Unfortunately, the truth is many DIY jobs, fencing or otherwise, end up costing homeowners more money and time in the long run. This is because a shoddy-looking fence that’s slanted can have consequences that go beyond just being an eyesore. It can also create safety hazards for people and animals, as well as damage your property’s value.

6 Reasons to Employee Fencing Contractors for Your Installation - outdoor, garden, fence, backyard

For these reasons, it’s best to hire a professional fencing installer when setting up a fence on your boundary line. Here are just five of the advantages you’ll gain by utilizing the services of a reliable and experienced fencing contractor:

Professionals are Professionals for a Reason

We’re not saying a fencing installation is rocket science. In fact, many homeowners can do a passable job if they follow the instructions carefully. But an experienced contractor knows every step of the installation process and can do it faster, better, and safer than a DIYer.

Additionally, even if you understand the installation process, you may be unaware of how to deal with any issues that crop up. These could be anything from uneven terrain, excessive vegetation,  and different types of soil. A professional will know exactly how to address any problems that arise so your fence is properly installed.

Lastly, professional fencing contractors are up-to-date with local building codes and zoning regulations, so you can be sure that your fence is installed according to all relevant laws.

Access to Reputable Suppliers for Materials

A professional fencing contractor has connections. These can range from top-rated suppliers with high-quality materials to wholesale lumber yards where they can get their materials at discounts. With these connections, a contractor can source higher-quality materials that are durable, weather resistant and aesthetically pleasing.

On the other hand, DIYers are limited to whatever is available at their local home improvement store which might not provide the same benefits. And at worst, you may purchase low-quality materials from a shady supplier that won’t live up to your expectations.

Some fencing materials a contractor may provide include cedar pickets, vinyl, aluminum, and steel. Each material has its own pros and cons, where you can consult your contractor on which is best for your specific needs.

It’s Less of a Headache

Whether it’d be digging holes with a power auger or attaching boards to the posts, many of the tasks involved in fencing are physically demanding and take time. This is especially true if you don’t have professional equipment or experience with such projects. Ultimately, your project will be delayed and  the costs will increase.

In addition to being taxing on your body, it’s actually mentally draining. If you’re handling multiple home improvement projects simultaneously, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

A professional fencing contractor can take the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on other projects, or even just relax and enjoy life without having to worry about your fence installation. There’s more to life than manual labor!

Guarantees and Warranties

We’ve already mentioned thet fencing installers are the experts. But what in the off chance they make a mistake, or if the materials they used don’t live up to your expectations?

Fencing contractors usually offer guarantees and warranties that cover any mistakes made as well as material defects. For example, if inaccurate measurements have caused your fence to be installed in the wrong place, they may offer free repairs. Contrast this with a DIY project where you‘re stuck footing the bill for any issues that arise.

Overall, with a professional contractor, you have peace of mind in knowing that your fence is installed properly and that it will last for years to come.

It will Boosts your House’s Value to Prospective Buyers

Although hiring a fencing contractor will cost you $35 to $70 per hour, it’s worth it.

A fence acts more than as a physical barrier that separates your property from the outside world. It also adds value to your home and provides more security, all of which boosts your quality of life.

If, for example, you’re putting your house in the market, a professionally installed fence will attract buyers, which can increase its market value. A fence that resembles an amateur job will reflect poorly on your home and may even be a dealbreaker for buyers. Deal breaks equal fewer buyers and potentially thousands of dollars lost.

Licensed and Insured so You Don’t Foot the Bill

Taking the time to earn your contractor’s license is important.


Because, from a contractor’s perspective,  it’s their way of demonstrating that they take their job seriously and that they have the skills, knowledge, and experience to do it correctly. It also ensures that your fence is installed according to local building codes and regulations – something a DIYer may not be aware of.

On top of licensing, professional fencing contractors typically have insurance coverage in case of property damage or personal injury.

If you’re dealing with a contractor, always double-check their license and insurance information to make sure you’re protected in any legal matters that may occur during your project. Specifically, you’ll want to confirm they have general liability insurance.

General liability insurance – Offers the contractor coverage for property damage, whether it’d be yours or a third-party and bodily injury.

Ultimately, it won’t be you footing the bill for anything that goes wrong during your project should you choose to hire a licensed and insured fencing contractor.


These are only 6 reasons why it’s worth investing in a professional fencing contractor for your next project. Whether you’re looking to have a fence installed, repaired, or replaced, a reputable fencing contractor can help. Just ensure you’re taking the time to research each contractor’s qualifications and ask for references before making any decisions.

Good luck!