6 Key Ways to Beautify Your Backyard - greenhouse, garden, decoration, backyard

Natural landscapes often have a way of beautifying themselves. Whether the foothills of the Alps, the Redwood coastal forests of California, or the blossoming Arizona desert, our eyes can discern the magnificent beauty of creation. But what about your own backyard?

You can’t just let your backyard run wild and take its own natural course if you want a balanced, integrated, and aesthetically pleasing result. But you certainly can incorporate nature’s beauty into your own landscaping plan and create your own piece of heaven. Here are 6 ways to do that:

1. Invest in High-quality Seeds

While a portion of your backyard greenery can be planted at a more mature stage of development, you can save a lot of money if you raise your own flowers from seeds. You will take pride in seeing the results of your labor and understand the importance of seed collection. Also, you will know that each plant has been properly taken care of from the very beginning because you did it yourself. But no matter how much “tender loving care” you pour out on your fledgling flowers, unless you get your seed needs met by a quality seed provider, the results will be mediocre at best. So, make sure you research seed providers carefully and look for recommendations before purchasing the seeds.

2. Build a Greenhouse

Installing a modest-sized, attractive looking greenhouse will make nursing your quality seeds to their full potential a much easier task. Give your sproutlings a head start with extra sun and warmth while sheltering them from less helpful weather. That will provide them with the the extra strength they need to thrive once you transplant them. There are greenhouses that come in kits that are fast and easy to put up that will add to, not detract from, your backyard decor.

3. Natural Stone “Flower Surrounds”

Instead of just putting your flowers into the ground with no protective and boundary-marking beds, why not use beautiful natural stone to build a short wall around each planting zone. You can find colored stones that will complement the colors of the flowers they contain. Stone edging allows you to easily create winding, non-geometric shapes and contours, for an even more natural look.

4. Grow a Mini-Orchard

It can take several years after planting a fruit tree before you can harvest any fruit, but once you get things started, you can enjoy the results for decades to come. It doesn’t take a lot of space to grow a mini-orchard of 5 or 6 fruit trees in a small grove. Have at at least 2 or 3 of each tree species to ensure pollination. Your orchard will enhance both the beauty and the usefulness of your backyard.

5. Add a Bamboo Privacy “Wall”

Even in relatively northern climates of the U.S., it is possible to successfully grow certain species of tall bamboo. Many use their bamboo groves as a kind of “privacy fence” in the front or back yard. You can plant the bamboo along a pathway, at yard’s end, or surround a small bench with it to create a “meditative retreat.”

6. Make a “Wildflower Refuge”

Finally, one last idea that will bring beauty to your backyard spaces and make it far more natural and local, is to transplant wildflowers (or gather and plant their seeds) to a specially reserved area and let them all grow together in a wild, colorful medley. Keep an eye out for the most attractive local species, read up on them, and take the time to gather them and get them off to a good start. It will be as much of an “educational adventure” as a home improvement project!